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Challenge: I'm a Great Mom Because...

Say it with Me, You're a FANTASTIC MOM

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Gosh I love this prompt! Too often, as parents (mothers and fathers), we are stretched thin, over-tired, hyper-caffeinated, and still feeling like underachievers. It's especially worse for parent in the relationship who does most of the care-taking. Like moms, or me.

I don't know how many times I felt inadequate as a parent or that I screwed up, but it's a lot. As a former career driver person, I took parenting as project management with goals, lists, and deliverables. Nothing could be further from the truth. Parenting IS all about messing up, fessing up, and improving your relationship.


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For as many negative things I can think for myself, I also know I should be very proud to be a parent to my little beans. They are kind, thoughtful, independent, and becoming beautiful people everyday.

Here's to me being an awesome parent! And here's to you being an fabulous mom too! Mother's Day is around the corner, and it's OK to say we all want sleep and alone time.

Because you are FANTASTIC.

Make yourself a list, sing it to yourself, and know you're just that fabtastic, no matter what sweat pants you're wearing.

This is my awesome parent list:

I love arts and crafts - Glitter, I see you, BRING IT ON!

I make the best muffins - And the kiddos love helping out. (seriously, if you want them to eat more and be involved more in the kitchen, let them help cook!)

I take being silly seriously - True! Life is already full of hard, crappy things, can we all just laugh a little more?

I teach my kids to be responsible - It's my great honor to guide them to be responsible little things. Fold laundry. Why not? Pick up toys. Yes, they are yours. Empty the dishwasher. Sure, none of the silverware end up in the correct slot, but who cares. Wipe up spills. It's not perfect, but they feel empowered.

I love holding their hands when they go to sleep - After finally moving them both to their own room, I miss them. Oh the great irony! But when my son requests I hold his hand - absolutely. There is nothing better I should have in life to do when the person who sees you as the sun, moon, and stars just wants his hand held to fall asleep.

No matter what, you're a wonderful mom. Say it. Say it again.


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