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Challenge: NICU Parenting


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Our NICU experience was not the happiest. I had a fever when my son was born. Nothing in the room appeared to be working, so they weren't able to suction him out. They left him naked and said his temperature was low. Then they wrapped him in 3 blankets and put him under the heat lamp that they finally got working. After he warmed up, they said he was spiking. They left us all to bond, nurse, and sleep. No one bothered us all night. First thing in the morning, two workers came in, told us he was sick and took him to the NICU. No one explained why. He had an IV in his head when they finally let us see him. All we were told was that he had to stay there until the doctor released him. He was moved all over the NICU, and I continued to nurse try to nurse, although they gave him bottles and pacifiers without our permission. We were kicked out of the NICU for an hour every shift so they could give shift reports. We slept in the waiting room during that time and spent every other minute in the uncomfortable office chairs to bond with him. It should be mentioned that the helicopter landing pad for the hospital was directly over the NICU and all exhaust entered the room with every take off and landing. After 5 days in the NICU, I complained to the hospital administrator that no one explained why my son was there and a doctor had never spoken to us. Shortly afterward, a doctor told us they were waiting for a culture that should be ready in the morning. They felt he had an infection and would release him if results were negative. Results were fine. Apparently the "spiking" the nurses had caused mocked an infection. We finally were released at the end of the night. Awful experience and my son never nursed well afterwards.

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