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Challenge: Halloween Parade

No Costumes For Halloween

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We can't help it.

We LOVE Halloween more than our kids. More than most kids really. Our love for zombies is even greater!


It was one of those years (2015) where time got away from us. Although our daughters had costumes to wear, we didn't. Disappointed in ourselves, we dressed the girls and prepared to head out for candy... costume-less.

My muse, however, decided to show her sarcastic face at the very last minute. She refused to let me give up! Determined to rep somethin', I stomped my way into my closet and pulled out a stained, old dress I didn't wear. Then I grabbed a pair of Johnny's old work clothes.

Throwing all of it onto the bathroom floor, I grabbed the costume makeup we had left and put it everywhere. In no time, blood-stained hand prints, dirt, and mud were everywhere. Then I mixed makeup colors until I concocted something resembling death and decay. We put that stuff on our faces, let it dry, and partially peeled some of it for dramatic effect.

We were try to channel our inner The Walking Dead.

I didn't have a good camera then, so this photo doesn't really do us justice. But let me tell ya, this last-minute, desperate attempt turned out to be a masterpiece! It took 10 minutes to create and garnered so much attention when we went out.

Halloween was a success & we're hoping for another this time around!

Halloween is our favorite holiday and time of year as a couple. We love to get out and indulge in everythAng spooky! If you'd like activity ideas for you and your boo (like how I did that?), go here for a list of other things we like to do.


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