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Challenge: Happy Birthday!

Two Kids, One Party

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"Oh you have twin girls? How wonderful! I bet you play princesses and dress up all day!"

I can't tell you how many times I've heard phrase, or a variation of that phrase, since my girls were born. In the beginning, sure, it was all pink and princesses and flowers and glitter. But that's because I was in charge of their toy selection and wardrobe. Yes, I'm fully aware that my affinity for pink and glitter is a female cliche, but I'm ok with that. I digress.

Being the decision maker for them in the early days was so easy. No opinion but mine was necessary. Then all of a sudden my girls grew up. And formed opinions of their own. And both rebelled against me (to an extent) on every topic imaginable from what to wear to what kind of birthday they want to have. When it came time for their birthday, you know what I did?

I rolled with it. Two Kids, One Party Why fight an unnecessary battle? Yes, Pinterest is full of wonderfully beautiful ideas for how to throw the most ah-may-zing little girl's birthday party, and none of it was appealing to either of my girls. None. of. it. After I got over myself, I thought, "It's their day, not mine. this is for them." But then the daunting task loomed in front of me: how do you handle 1 party with 2 themes?

You divide everything right down the middle, of course.

My girls' 4 year old birthday party went against everything my Type-A personality loves. I like everything to complement, go together, and be similar. You can't really do that with two vastly different themes. But you know what? It was totally ok. I scoured the interwebs and local party stores and came up with matching napkins, plates, cups and other goodies that went with each theme and helped anchor my need to having matching things. Party Decorations I ordered two different, yet similar cakes (yay for local bakeries that have pre-made designs), again finding a way to make things complementary. Similar, but Different Birthday Cakes I themed half of the food table to fit one theme and half to fit the other. I found similar decorations for each theme and decorated one area with one set and one area with another set. Superhero Decorations

Pixie Hollow Party Together, but not the same.

It was a fun, challenging process for me after it was all said and done, and I am proof that two themes at one party can be accomplished with a little forethought and planning. The best part of the day? Knowing each girl felt special and loved because she got to experience her party her way.

Have you ever been to a dual themed party? Would you be able to organize one party with two themes?

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