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Planning a memorable birthday party for a girl

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There is a world of ideas for celebrating a little girl's birthday nowadays. Whether it's a Disney princess theme, a unicorn theme or a confetti party theme, your little girl's birthday party must meet her expectations and her feverish curiosity.

Young girls now have easy access to the latest decorating trends as well as to various cartoons and Disney princesses and will be as demanding as they are discerning. Whatever the age of your daughter and whatever the theme, you should try to create a sweet girly atmosphere borrowed from the world of baby showers and baptisms.


Plan a sweet birthday party for your daughter

The decoration of a party room for a little girl's birthday is based on a very cozy universe. In shades of powder pink and pristine white, giant pink balloons in the shape of a star or a small white cloud will twirl above a sweet table as delectable as it is sophisticated. Garland and tassels in the same pastel colors will pair perfectly with these soft, helium-filled balloons.

The birthday table set-up should be in harmony with your room decoration. For this girl's theme, the table will be decorated with sweet baby tableware with plates in the shape of little moons, napkins in smiling stars and pastel pink cups with gold piping. Your naked cake, delicately decorated with sugared almonds, candles and a number that indicates your child's age, will elegantly wait for snack time under the eager eyes of your daughter and her friends.

A birthday party will be remembered by all the guests

  • For little girls from 2 to 4 years old, a colorful theme will be a guaranteed success. You can use eco-friendly paper plates, cups and napkins customized with colorful confetti. Balloons and pinatas in the shape of mythical creatures such as a unicorn, a mermaid, Minnie, a seahorse or a princess castle will complete this birthday party decoration with style. Multicolored cakes, sugared almonds and cupcakes will sublimate your room with sweetness.
  • For a little girl between 5 and 10 years old, a Unicorn theme birthday party will be a sure bet. This mythical creature is an inexhaustible theme when it comes to girl’s birthday parties. This is a classic declined in decorations that will make your party a magical moment for your daughter. And if you're looking for originality, you can choose some other fun themes like Cats or Pink Flamingos, your little girls will have their eyes sparkling at the sight of a party room with the colors of their favorite characters or princesses.

Your shopping list should fit the age of your little princess

For Snow Queen theme

Your party room must be dressed in the colors of this cult Disney. White and pastel blue will illuminate your party room with softness and fantasy. To do this, decorate the room with aluminum balloons or latex balloons in these shades of white and blue, or iridescent silver star-shaped for the icy side. Add a Happy Birthday garland either in paper or letter balloons. A Princess dress can be the perfect outfit for your daughter during such a birthday party.

For unicorn theme

Pastel blue and white balloons with a cloud balloon will pay homage to the mythical creature. Once the party room is decorated, tackle your sweet table. Themed dishes with silver star plates and pastel blue napkins will make a great difference. In the center, add a cake with whipped cream icing, sugared almonds and blue sugar confetti. Fancy candles and a number candle will complete your majestic cake. A unicorn-inspired pinata can wait until you can scatter your sweet treats. A unicorn dress will surely be the perfect outfit for your daughter during this party.

Disney princess themed birthday party like the Snow Queen or Princess Sofia will make your girl happy, but also her guests. Your decoration must take the color code of this famous princess, like white and pastel blue for the Snow Queen. No need to load your decoration with ostentatious representation, the detail will make the difference, so go for a harmonious and sophisticated decoration and add accessories like a pinata or a balloon in the shape of these characters more than popular.

Teenage girls are also looking forward to their birthday party

Following closely the latest trend, your birthday party space will have to meet the requirements of these little fashion princesses.

Inspired by decorating themes from sites like Pinterest or Instagram, the party will be decorated with aluminum balloons with soft star curves, a Happy Birthday party garland and a sweet table with a pastel and bohemian layout. Plates with singular shapes, napkins with glittering messages and gold pink cups filled with cakes, sugared almonds and cupcakes. Above the cake will be a number balloon inflated with helium that you will tie with a glittering ribbon.

A balloon arch can also enhance the party room, you can make it with balloons of all sizes and colors that you assemble with style and boldness. The arch made of metallic pink balloons, filled with confetti, transparent or pastel will highlight the pink gold balloon that your little princess will grab to take a multitude of pictures. Children and adults alike will be in awe of the work that has been done and the girls will be able to proudly share the images of their trendy and chic happy birthday.

Birthday parties for young princesses can also be themed around a specific theme, such as princesses, animals, legendary creatures or rainbows. All the balloons, pinatas and accessories to create this trendy birthday decoration are available in stores and you will also find the unicorn, mermaid or the pink flamingo.

The decoration, but also the cake, do not forget that these little princesses addicts of fashion follow the trends with assiduity. Your birthday party cake should be inspired by the latest fashionable recipes. Candles, wild flowers, sugared almonds and tart fruits will complete your cakes with elegance and simplicity.

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