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Challenge: Pandemic Parenting

Tom Brady and a litTle avoCado tequila has mothers feeling seen

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I went Tom Brady this weekend.

And not on a litTle avoCado tequila,

but on some food; mainly

a Charcuterie board,

some deep-fried buffalo cauliflower,



and a crap ton of Chex mix.

I didn't earn my indulgence as he did.
Or did I?

That's the question I find myself asking lately.

When I'm stress



online shopping

or even praying,

I'm questioning myself as to if I've earned the right to be doing such.

Pondering, "why in the heck am I SO stressed" if

1) my husband is the one with the nine to way past five

2) and my only responsibility is raising our incredibly loving kiddos.

What is so hard about that?

Nothing and everything, simultaneously.

And so I


and drink,

and online shop,

and pray,

because with e-learning, social distancing, and a remaining deviation from indoor venues and large group activities still in full effect for us,
there's not much else to do to pass the usually over-occupied downtime.

And though I occasionally feel waves of guilt for riding out coronavirus as

not-my-best-health-conscious-emotionally balanced self,

I'm gonna stick with Brady and let y'all know that

there ain't "noting to see her" --

just a mama doing her damn best to survive a global health pandemic and raise good humans.

Hear this mamas --

Go ham on a biscuit if you want.

Go ham on a grilled cheese or an oversized bowl of pasta.

And feel very free to go ham on anyone who makes you feel inadequate or "less than" because you are temporarily coping the only way that's working.

But don't ever go ham on a version of you that is simply one who is trying to navigate the plethora of feelings brought on by a pandemic.

And remember --

If your end-game is to be a well-rounded human and to raise the humans you birthed to be the same, then you should see every one of your self-diagnosed shortcomings as you doing your freakin' job.

And then pat yourself on the back for showing the world and your offspring that ain't nobody perfect.

Not even Tom Brady.

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