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Challenge: My Dad Hero

To The Mom Whose Child Doesn't Have A Father For Father's Day

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When Father's Day rolls around and your child's father is nowhere to be found, you carry the weight. You are my true dad hero. I can't imagine what you're going through, but I know it's a lot. And I know that because I was the child without a dad for Father's Day. My mom picked up the slack as my dad left our family, and she did it with what can only be described as magic. So while I can't understand what you're going through as a mom, I've seen you at work.

You put your heart and soul into trying to be both parents. You go above and beyond because you don't want your child to be disappointed or upset. I see you staying up late, wondering whether you can make it through the rest of your life like this. I see you comforting your kids as they cry. I see you pulling the weight that no one should have to pull.

I know you see the posts on social media about all these amazing dads. You yourself might even have an amazing father. But when your child doesn't have a father themselves, I know you hold that pain. Because that's what we do as moms.

You probably feel overwhelmed. You may feel sad. Maybe you're mourning a life you should've had or wishing for different circumstances for your family. Maybe your child's father left by choice or was taken from the world too soon.

But through the pain and tears, you're there. You work harder than anyone, and many times, you don't get the recognition that you should.

Your child may act out. They might be furious for what they're having to go through. There will be tantrums, tears, and confusion that you can't understand. You'll feel like you're not good enough, and that though you're holding the world up for your kids, they don't care at all. But I promise you, that is not true.

Your kids see you, just like I saw my mom. They know how hard you work. They look up to you like no other.

My mom was out working hard so that we could survive. She did the job of two parents, often staying up until the midnight hours with me or my siblings to help us. There were times we weren't sure we'd make it through all the pain and hurt that was left behind, but we did. And it's all because of her.

I know there's an ache and a huge sense of loss during Father's Day when there isn't a dad to celebrate. You're carrying your child's emotions on your shoulders, and I know the weight of that is more than anyone should have to bear.

So, to the moms whose children don't have a father to celebrate, I see you. And every year, it's you that I celebrate on Father's Day. You're my true dad hero.

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