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To The Mom Going After Her Degree

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Sleepless nights, so many sleepless nights. Guilt overtaking your heart when you tell your kids to leave you alone for two minutes so you can study.

Tears of frustration as you try to conjure up the brainpower to think clearly. Many days that consist of giving up and quitting ten thousand times before nightfall. Sleepless nights, so many sleepless nights. Guilt overtaking your heart when you tell your kids to leave you alone for two minutes so you can study. Not to mention the stress of bills piling up and student debt on the verge of sending you overboard.

I get it. Oh man, do I get it. I have been an adult student now for years, working a full time job, carrying a ministry in my heart, taking care of four self-sufficient, sort of, kids and adding two new babies in that time. I know what it’s like to have gone from straight A’s to failing a couple classes because life happened and school had to come last. I know what its like to feel guilty for not spending enough time that you don’t have with your kids. I have wanted to quit SO many times, almost believing it was not worth it.

Funny thing about God, He uses EVERYTHING we endure for something that will be for His Glory (Romans 8:28). You may not think your education as an adult is important in the grand scheme but God does. It says in Galatians 6 whatever we sew we will reap. If we go through all this hardship while we pursue our education and never do it unto God it will be in vain. Constant communication with God while you go through this long and sometimes grueling process will allow you to turn the posture of your heart towards Him and sow it all unto Him. You are sowing right now. You are sowing hard work, longevity, money, precious time, integrity and perseverance to get an education that will allow you do something for God’s Glory. Galatians 6 gives us one of God’s promises and I cling to this while I go through school- that we WILL reap a harvest in due time IF we do not lose heart. So do not lose heart my friend. Keep pushing and doing this unto God and in due time you will reap your harvest of increase, proven character, stature, bills paid, adding to the kingdom of God, a better future for your children, time lost will be restored, unshakable determination, footsteps worthy to be followed in, a growth mindset, the ability to work under pressure (you will need this for ministry), and your precious, precious sleep! This season of life is not forever and it will soon end. Suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And that hope will not disappoint!

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