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Challenge: Why I Love My Mom Bod

To the husband: Her stomach might always look like this

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I can't believe I'm sharing this picture with you, but here we are.

And, I hope in doing so, I can shed a little light on something...

This image right here is why your wife struggles with self-esteem.

This picture.

That unflattering stomach.

Those unsightly stretch marks.

That loose skin.

It makes her feel gross.

It makes her feel ugly.

It makes her feel unworthy of your love and attention.

It makes her feel defeated.

It makes her feel unwomanly.

Though, her womanliness is precisely what that perfect body of hers represents.

Today your wife reluctantly put a bathing suit on a body that has felt unfamiliar to her for a while; a body that has weathered three successful pregnancies and births.

She put that bathing suit on to the delight of her three children who wanted nothing more than to spend ninety-percent of their second day of spring break (and corona quarantine) in the pool.

Your wife has been working hard -- for days, weeks, months, or perhaps years -- trying to look like the pre-kids woman you fell in love with.

So much so that she's at home right now, doing push-ups, while her kids practice their drawing skills and do some arts and crafts.

There's a very good chance that despite all her efforts, her stomach will always look like this.

And, I hope that there's a very good chance that despite such, you will always look at her like she is the most beautiful, selfless, self-improvement-seeking, value-aligned, compassionate woman in the world.

Today, tomorrow, next week, on the fourth of July, this summer, next fall and over the holidays, be sure to inform your wife, often, that you love every damn inch of that overstretched skin on her warrior body.

There's not a lot of time in a day, and your wife, she spends the majority of hers focused on you, the house, the kids, work, and others.

If ever she seems to be stuck focusing on her flaws, I pray you are willing to direct her attention to every single goddamn thing you love and find amazing about her ‘cause I guarantee you that she won’t hate hearing it.

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