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Challenge: Finding Your Village

To my friend who just had her third baby, here are TEN things I need you to know

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To my friend who just had her third baby, here are TEN things I need you to know:

1) I'm proud of you. Incredibly proud of you. But it also doesn't matter that I or anyone is proud of you because all that matters, now and always, is that you are proud of yourself.

EVEN WHEN the baby isn't sleeping through the night.

EVEN IF he has colic.

EVEN WHEN you haven't worn real clothes in over two weeks.

EVEN WHEN you haven't showered for days,

the house is a disaster,

your other kids are fighting,

and you've served up Chik-fil-a for dinner every night for a week straight.


And then I want you to call me and have me watch the kids so that
you can shower,

I can clean,

I can entertain your kids,

and deliver some McDonalds just to change things up a bit.

2) You can do this.

And by "this," I mean balancing three kids.

Three schedules.

Three tiny people with WAY more than three wants, needs, and opinions each.

And if you ever forget or doubt your ability, I'm a single phone call or text away. Though my response may be a bit delayed 'cause I've got three adorable knuckleheads of my own, I'll remind you of how you're fantastic AF and fully capable of doing what it's obvious to me (and others) you were put on Earth to be doing.

3) This, too, shall pass.

The days of you feeling so tired.

The nights of you craving a break or a wine bender (okay, those might never pass).

The days where the scale is your worst enemy.

The weeks where your kids or husband are.

4) You're a stunning force of nature -- always have been and always will -- and nothing about freshly popping out your latest tyke has changed that.

5) Grace is your best friend these days and if you can't her, find me, and I'll reintroduce you.

6) Three is fun.

It's a shiitake show, no doubt, but a fun one. And by "fun," I mean hard and maddening, BUT WORTH IT.

7) I'm here to help, even when it looks like I can't.

EVEN when my hands are full.

EVEN when I've got all the balls in the air.

EVEN when I'm just as lost in motherhood and marriage as you are.

EVEN if I'm drowning,

I'll light a fire under my arse,

pull me up,

find you,

and figure out a way to get us both safely ashore.

All you've got to do is ask.

8) Remember this mantra: Coffee and wine, and I'll be just fine.

No seriously. You'll be fine.

9) Never stop laughing.

At yourself.

With your kids.

At shows.

At your man's dad jokes.

But don't worry, if you lose your sense of humor, my sarcastic a** will loan you mine.

10) Friendship should never feel like work, and if ever it does, stop working immediately.

And I promise to never feel like work.

Congrats lady! I'm so happy for you!

(*full disclosure: the adorable nugget in the photo is one of my not-so-baby-anymore babies because my friend’s uber-handsome little nugget doesn't need his face plastered all over social media just yet*)

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