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To My Baby, Don't Blend In - RISE

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Your voice? Vibrant.

Your opinions? Large.

Your emotions? Strong. When you feel, you feel with every fiber of your being. Every ounce of your soul pours into that moment. If someone is hurting, you hurt with them. You can sense emotion from across the room. You feel things others can't. You see things most people miss.

As your mama, I want so badly to protect you. To shield you.


Because this world is going to try and change you. This world is going to try and tell you all the ways you should be. It's going to place upon you expectations and measurements. It will be quick to tell you you're too loud or too soft. That you feel too deeply or not enough.

But sweet child of mine, you enough just as you are. You are so much more than the measurement of your successes and failures.

You can be both strong and kind. Tough yet gentle.

Don't let this world silence you. Don't let this world break you down and dim the light that shines so brightly in you now.

Because YOU matter. And what you do for others matters.

If you learn only one thing from me, learn love.

Because there is power in helping others. There is power in our differences. Life isn't about competition and comparison. It's about encouraging and lifting others up. It's compassion. It's looking around at all of the differences that make this diverse world what it is and forging your own unique path.

Don't blend, baby.

Use your voice, your opinions and your heart to make an impact on this world.

Be brave. Be bold.

Love hard.

And when this world tries to tell you otherwise; When this world tries to steal your truth; When this world tries to tell you your place - remember ..

Don't sit down.


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