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Those little feet

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Those little feet.

There's nothing like them.

The first time we see them, we count to ensure there's five toes each.

We kiss them all over and tickle them for those first little giggles.

We watch them as they try with all their might to stand up on them for the first time.

Then there’s those first wobbly steps as they take their first step from baby to the beginning stages of toddlerhood.

And the sound of the little pitter patter as those little feet begin running around your house.

But then those feet begin to change.

Those toes go from round and pudgy to slim and long.

Those wobbly steps turn into running.

And one day, instead of running to you, your little one will start running away from you.

One day those feet will step outside your house and into the big, scary world all on their own.

But for now, in this season, I'm going to enjoy those little toes. I'm going to play and chase them, tickle them, and scoop them up in my arms to hold them close while I can.

Someday they'll be grown and all on their own.

For now, I'm going to savor the little moments and love those little feet.

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