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The 3 Steps To Get Your Child To Obey You The First Time

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Today I want to share with you something that I am telling you is my favorite topic to talk about and it is I know it's a big title I know it's grandiose the three steps to getting your child to obey you the first time there's a sound like a magic wand or some kind of super pill that's going to change your life I'm telling you this has radically altered my life I have five kids I use this every single day this is not some philosophy out of a book or some kind of concept that's airy-fairy I use this my wife uses this every single day we have to work together to implement this I'm telling you even after all these years we still have to work together to remind each other to implement these three steps that I'm going to teach you today.

I'm telling you if you put this stuff into practice your life is radically going to change for a lot of you as entrepreneurs or business folks you guys are out there you're busy what happens is as parents if our children are not obeying us we turn into nags I know you hate that we just would follow them around we end up doing stuff for them it's like we pull out our hair we start to yell outbursts of anger starts to come out of us we're just we start to hate ourselves and I know none of you want that so to get more peace to get more clarity to get more creative juices flowing in your life for some of you just to get your life back until I'm telling you today implement these three things over time you're going to begin to see change and you can start doing this today are you ready for the three things here we go.

1. You need to create a tool of discipline now maybe you don't use this language maybe you've never thought of it like this but this is the terminology that my wife and I use my wife will say oh this is what's happening with this one of one child of ours we're doing X Y & Z and the first question out of my mouth is okay I hear the situation what's the tool that we have to implement in this situation now I can't unpack this in all of its glory right now but basically a tool of discipline is something that you're using that doesn't have anger in it that's not abuse it's a tool that you're using that is going give your child a bit of a sting in other words the sting of the consequences of their bad choices you allow those things to teach them and it could be as simple as some timeout they can't get dessert when they do something they can't you know they lose 30 minutes of screen time or entertainment time they can't play with their friend over the weekend whatever it is that's going to sting them and allow life to teach them a lesson that there's consequences to their bad choices their bad attitudes their bad behavior okay you have to figure out what that tool isn't we'll talk more about that at another time but you have to have that think it through what's going to be appropriate in this situation.

2. The second step is to prepare your child for that sit down talk to them let them know hey um we're going to implement this tool when I see this kind of behavior out of you or disrespect you have to let them know ahead of time especially if you've been very loose in this area and you need to tighten some screws up the first thing I do I sit down with my kids hey guys what's going on this is what mommy and daddy are gonna do is everybody clear be fair so they know what's coming

3. The last thing you have to do is you have to follow through with the tool of discipline you have to follow through I'm telling you this is what gets us as parents every single time and trust me I like dad I know what's going on I am always trying to find a way out I love my kids and I'm like oh is there a way they don't then I don't have to implement this tool because I still want them to either play with their friends or watch the movie tonight with our family but I'm telling you it is not love hear me it's not love if you do not follow through with the tool of discipline I'm going to say I'm gonna get more nuts I'm gonna say actually that it's hurtful and hateful to your children and their future success if you do not implement these steps and if you do not follow through you don't have to do it in anger you don't have to do it you know in a hurtful way you can actually do it with peace and you can actually do it with love and you can communicate with them because I love you I need to follow through with this and I'm going to tell you not only is it going to make them more obedient the FIR time as you follow through it's also going to give you more peace your house your family it's going to impart so much more creative juices and focus and clarity in your life when you can just say hey guys it's time to do this and they do it that's not like a miracle I'm telling you it's not that crazy it is in your grasp if you start doing these things today all .

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