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The 10 fundamental pillars for parenting

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Accompanying and guiding children during childhood is not an easy task. It requires time and dedication. Why communication and limits are so important.Being parents is not easy. Teach



ing kids what's right and what's wrong is even more complicated. Parenting requires taking into consideration several important aspects that make everyday reality, manners, ideals, the way of linking with the world and education. The main tool to take care of and "grow" is open communication.

"Answering their questions and telling them why we have said a certain thing is the best. Another advantage is that children, from small, learn to develop their reasoning in the face of life's events, instead of repeating what they say. the father or the mother, "explained psychologist Adriana Guraieb.

In addition, keeping channels of communication open helps prevent the formation of prejudiced and rigid minds . This allows the child to have a space to participate actively when he understands what they explain and in this way he will be better willing to receive suggestions.

Another very important aspect is to set limits, but sometimes it is not so easy to do so. You have to think about it, consider it, maintain it and respect what has been said, because it is never a good idea to establish rules that are not going to be followed. They must go hand in hand with discipline, first study and then have fun

"This teaching will serve them for the rest of their lives, and when they enter work life, they will be prepared to fulfill their responsibilities and then allow themselves social diversions and expansions," said the specialist.

Reinforce with attitudes and words the love of the family towards the child.

- Parents, as a couple, should avoid mutual disqualifications in front of the children.

- Pay attention if the creature cries very often and has good health. If not, it is time to ask what is going on at home so that the child can show that he is suffering.

- As parents, you must have a flexible mind during children's childhood. This is because the boys are going through growth crises, adaptations to new partners or maybe they suffer bullying. If they are not prepared for psychosocial changes, it is difficult for them to understand them, since children close and do not speak.

- Do not allow abuse of screams, manifestations of violence, abuse of parents, siblings or partners. We must teach them that there are other ways of expressing the discomfort they feel.

- Avoid trying to compensate for the short time they see them with gifts and / or concessions to the previously established limits.

- Be fully aware that as parents they learn a certain role model . You have to be very careful with this as children copy and if there is an aggressive situation, the child will most likely learn that communication also involves verbal violence.

- Participate in their activities, whether infants, púberes or adolescents. Accompanying them to a court, participating in recreational activities that they like makes them very good.

- When children have incorrect behavior, it is recommended to speak before sanctioning and convey why parents are upset . After this, a limit or penalty should be set that explains the reasons.

- The firmness in the explanations transmits security to the children.

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