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Challenge: Back to School 2021

This pandemic is wearing down our children

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Two of my three elementary-aged kids had a good cry today.

Making this mama need to do the same.

When I sit back and truly process just what an unenjoyable and wild ride covid has been for me, I then can’t believe just how well our young children are handling and navigating it.

The bull shhhh IT.

The masking up.

The distancing.

The quarantining.

The mixed messages.

The confusion.

The inconsistency.

But they just keep showing up and doing what they are instructed because they are resilient and amazing like that.

But it’s taxing for them.

They are wearing down.

Sometimes they’ll hide it well and other times, well they’re unable to hide it no matter how hard they try.

That’s if they even have any energy left to try.

And try they shouldn’t have to.

They don’t need to put on a happy face for you or anyone for that matter.

Let ‘em cry.

Let ‘em scream.

Heck, take them to the highest mountain top and do both with them.

They best thing we can do for our kids when they are under stress is to not ‘cause any more for them and to remind them that no matter how big the monkey on their back, or the one in front of them, they’ve got a parent or two ready and willing to face that wild animal with them — today, tomorrow and every damn day for the rest of their lives.

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