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Challenge: Kids with Special Needs


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“I’m bored!” - A complaint quite popular with kids these days. Are your kids the same? Well, join the club. I have heard my 14-year-old say these words one too many time this week.

It’s not just your or my kids saying these words. It’s more or less the same with present-day kids.

Which got me wondering what is the reason behind this? Why are they bored so easily? What is making them so impatient? As a mother, I wonder and worry about raising my kid the right way.

As a concerned parent, I’m sure you feel the same way. Kids today are easily distracted, edgy and friendless. They get easily bored and feel entitled to own everything they want. This isn’t a good thing at all.

Let’s find out the reasons behind such behavior.

Technology Became the Babysitter

We are raising tech-savvy kids. They are the all tech generation. How do I know? My kid knows more about my smartphone features than me. 24/7 access to the internet, streaming of YouTube, playing games on Xbox or the PSP.

Almost all of us have bought an iPad and a smartphone for our kids. Their friends have them, so they should have them also.

Kids also get more screen time. They hardly spend time away from the devices. Almost all of their friends are on any or all social networking app. Kids now prefer having a conversation with other kids through apps rather than talking face to face.

Then there are the numerous gaming apps. These distract and keeps them hooked to the devices. Kids get irritated if you call them away from it.

Everyday life becomes boring for them. Spending too much time with these devices affects their attention span.

Technology is making them feel disconnected from us. As parents, we should be always available to our kids. The more we spend time with them, the more they would feel connected with us.

Giving What They Want

As parents, we want to make our kids happy. We end up buying a lot of unnecessary things for them. Always getting what they want is what’s making them so restless. Being patient is an important life lesson we should teach our kids.

Kids are constantly learning from us. If we make them accustomed to getting things, we are, in a way, enabling them. Giving kids everything they want doesn’t make us a good parent. We will spoil them this way.

They must learn to wait for things they want. Otherwise, they won’t be able to learn the value of patience and make do what whatever they have.

Learn to say ‘No’ to your kids. It doesn’t mean you’ll be depriving your kids of their needs. Get them what’s essential and delay the lavishness to teach them a little patience. Your child may get upset for now. But will value this lesson later in life.

Less or No Social Interaction

As working mothers (or parents), we are busy with work all day. When we come home, there is still dinner to make and other chores to do. Usually, kids stay busy with their gadgets and don’t bother us while we finish our housework. This way we are spending less time with them. Our quality family time is being replaced with gadgets.

They also don’t play outside like they should and make friends. This is limiting their social interaction. They rarely feel confident to start a conversation or make new friends. Spending too much time with gadgets is hampering their social skills.

Instead of face to face conversations, they are getting used to chatting through apps.

We should make the time on a daily basis (despite our busy schedule!) to talk and interact with them. Take them outside and just have fun. This will not only strengthen family bonds but also increase their confidence to start a conversation.

You can also limit their on-screen time and talk about normal mundane things. This way they will learn to trust you more than a gadget.

Kids are in charge

If kids knew what was best for them, they wouldn’t need parents. Most parents allow too much freedom too their kids and let them do what they want. This makes them think that they are in charge and know what is best for them.

If we let them be, then they will stay up late, eat only junk food and definitely skip school. None of which is good for them.

They are getting used to of doing ‘what they want’ instead of ‘what they need’. What they want isn’t always the best for their development.

Kids and teens need proper guidance to learn about life. Which means they can’t be allowed to do what they want all the time. Putting your foot down at times may seem hard, but only you can a parent can see the big picture. Try to make them understand why this was done and how it helps them in the long run.

Be an adult. Give them choices and guide them to choose the right one.

Fun All the Time

Constant fun isn’t a good thing for anyone! Unfortunately, that’s exactly what we are doing to our kids. We made them accustomed to having fun all the time. When they complain about being bored, we take them out or do something to entertain them.

Most kids nowadays don’t even help out in daily household chores. They find it boring and not fun. This habit won’t make them a very responsible person in the future.

Wanting to have fun 24/7 is making them lazy. They find important things such as writing an essay in school boring.

Life isn’t all about having fun. Kids need to learn to deal with things they might not like. This way our kids become responsible adults. We have to make sure to teach them to handle boredom. Do what is right for them. Not what is always fun and entertaining, and in turn, escaping responsibility.

Final Thoughts

We are living in a technology-driven, fast-paced world. Amongst all that business, our kids deserve some quality time with us. It’s what makes a family united and strong. Raising kids is not an easy job. In fact, it’s downright challenging. But we have to be patient and handle situations like these gently.

Do your best to give your kids a safe and happy home. Limit their time spent on gadgets and encourage them to play outside. You can also make doing chores fun! Most of all, remember to spend time with them.

Kids are our future, let’s do our best so that they can grow up happy.

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