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Challenge: What Do Fathers Do Best?

This is working fatherhood

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This is working fatherhood.

It is up at dawn soothing troubled sleepers.

It is sharing your bed with your wife and her mini-me.

It is early morning coffee -- black and lots of it.

It is a protein bar for breakfast.

It is pre-school hugs and kisses from Daddy.

It is casual morning donut dates.

It is a quicker-than-you'd-like shower.

It is texts from the wife with updates on the kids throughout the day.

It is a bombardment of questions from her.

It is midday text flirting with the ball and chain.

It is work stress and an ungodly amount of conference calls.

It is budget-planning.

It is the financial burden of having a family of five.

It is the toll that a jam-packed work week takes on your mood and energy level, and as a result, your parenting and your marriage.

It is yelling.

It is apologizing.

It is play-wrestling.

It is joke and riddle-telling.

It is making "your people" laugh.

It is throwing the football in the yard.

It is having patience while explaining math to the child and the wife.

It is full presence at dinner.

It is a spontaneous outing for dessert.

It is reading books with the kids even when it's late, and you've got more work to do.

It's face-tracing and snuggles for as long as the tiny tykes need.

It's Netflix and chill, and let's keep it real here, it is a whole bag of chips...every night.

It is staying up late when you have to wake up early.

And, it is back up at dawn soothing troubled sleepers.

This is working fatherhood.

And this is waking up and doing it all over, day, after day, after day because you love those exhausting people (wife included) so Goddamn much.

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