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Challenge: Share your adoption story

This is My Story

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Everyone has a story they have left behind. What's your story? Even if it was a bad story or a good story every person on earth has one whether you realize it or not, but I am going to tell you mine.

It was 11 years ago, I was living with my biological mom and her boyfriend, at the time I was 5 years old, I knew my father but he wasn't in my life much at all. It all was going well until the boyfriend I mentioned earlier came to live with us in our small trailer, and he was really abusive, and she was so scared of him and worried that he would abuse her, so she let him hurt me and my older sister physically and mentally, in ways that no mother should allow her boyfriend to do to her kids. Yes, I was scared, and yes I realize she was scared of what he would do to her, but no matter how much a guy would abuse me, I would never let him hurt my children. She allowed him to touch me and my sister in ways that we shouldn't have been, and he drank and always had friends over for parties, and we would have to be there through it all. I am not posting this to make any of you have pity for me, but please just stop for a second if you ever try to judge someone by the way they live, dress, or do things, just stop and think well maybe they are going through some things right now and just haven't had anyone to help them through their problem. Spread the kindness and love to other's no matter what your other friends say about them do it for yourself and for the sake of a abused or mistreated person. We are all humans and we are all equally the same. I love everyone and hope you can do the same. I am now 16 years old and my sister will be 18 in about 6 months and we have now been adopted for 11 years April 17 this year will make 12 years we have been with our new parents and I love them so much.

Pictured Below is the 2 Girls that went through Hell and has made it through with each other.



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