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Challenge: Stretched Too Thin

This is me not giving a $%#* about my household duties (for a hot minute).

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This is the current situation.

This is my sink full of dirty dishes.

This is a wrinkling-as-we-speak pile of laundry.

And, this is me; deciding not to give a flying fudgesicle about my household duties.

Not forever.

Not even for a week.

But, for today.

Today, I choose to ignore my obligations.

Well, I mean the non-human can't talk ones.

Yes, sometimes it feels as though my dishes are yelling at me to "CLEAN US" and that the laundry pile is asking me "WHY THE HELL DO YOU KEEP IGNORING US?" but in general here, I am referring to the three responsibilities which I birthed, who will forever roam this Earth as the people God intended with a dash of who I have helped them become.

If I only have today -- and yes, that's a sucky way to think about life, but sometimes you need a here and now perspective -- then I want today to be a day where I focus on what and who really matters.

Do we have enough dishes to serve dinner later? Yep.

Do the kids have a clean outfit to wear today? You bet.

And, so, nothing else matters.

On a far too regular basis, us parents, specifically mothers tend to relentlessly and begrudgingly multitask, and it's a fact that most of us do it LIKE. A. BOSS.

But, when we choose to juggle the people in our lives and our tasks, we can occasionally lose our balance while in search of it.

Which brings me to this day -- today.

I spend five days a week, Monday through Friday, aiming and practically running myself ragged while barking at my children under the weight of all the stress that is the result of making sure THIS dish and laundry back-up is not my daily situation.

This is my sink full of dirty dishes.

This is my wrinkling-as-we-speak pile of laundry.

But, at least for today, I choose to overlook the menial chores that define my role as a parent and homemaker because I choose to enthusiastically adhere to the notion that being a homemaker, means ensuring your home is a place where you help make your children into the influential, unique motivated, inspiring, respectful, well-rounded and happy human beings this world needs more of.

"CLEAN US," the dishes say to me.

"NOPE," I remark back.

"WHY THE HELL DO YOU KEEP IGNORING US?" the laundry pile asks.

"Because, quite simply, you don't matter as much as the people who wear you," I divulge.

This is the current situation.

This is my sink full of dirty dishes.

This is a wrinkling-as-we-speak pile of laundry.

And I couldn't feel more at ease.


That is until my husband walked in and remarked about the house being in such disarray.

And that my friends, is marriage.


This is the current situation.

This is motherhood and marriage.

This is me being understanding of my spouse and recognizing that while a messy house made me feel a bit "free" today, it alternatively made him feel a bit "stuck" and bound to the household duties staring us down.

My sink is no longer full of dishes, and although our clothes still grace the eat-in table, they are folded and are one step closer to being put where they belong.


This is my current situation.

This is where I belong --

whether the sink is full of dirty dishes or it's empty and sparkling clean

whether I feel free, stuck, overtasked or calm

whether my husband and I agree on where our focus should be placed on any given day

always and forever.

This is my "for all eternity" situation, and knowing that sure as hell keeps me at ease.

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