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Challenge: Open Discussion

This is how we Wordle

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Wordle is a force to be reckoned with. Ask pretty much anyone if they did the Wordle today and you are sure to get a passionate, detailed response. It’s one of the few things in the world right now that we – regardless of age, size, gender or political affiliation—can discuss with smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts.


Silly, isn’t it? Maybe. Or maybe not. It’s an escape of sorts, but one that leaves us challenged and smarter. And the fact that there is only one puzzle a day forces us not to overindulge in a world where it is all too easy to seek more, more, more now, now, now. I have grown to love the game and protect my morning Wordle time at all costs—no interruptions please. And I simply must Wordle while enjoying my second (not the first) cup of coffee! I love solving the puzzle every day (I aim to solve in 3 guesses or less) but even more so, I love talking to others about their Wordle habits. Here is what some of them have to say:

While the Coffee BREWS

I’m a first thing in the morning, play as the coffee brews kind of Wordy. I usually manage to tackle it head-on before the pot fills up, but even if it takes me a little longer my coffee is still warm by the time I celebrate my Wordle victory. And yes, I always start with the same word, without fail. What is it? That would be telling, and if there’s one thing that I’ve learned how to do in my career as an attorney, it’s how to keep a secret… –Ross Jurewitz, 30-something, CA

EARLY Morning Warm-Up

I started Wordle 34 days ago and haven’t missed a day since (also haven’t gotten a puzzle wrong yet). I Wordle as soon as I pull into the gym parking lot at 5:15 am each morning while sipping my pre-workout. It gets my brain going and gives me time to ease into a workout.–Kelsey Matheson, 30, VT

Lunch BREAK Games

I first heard of Wordle from a co-worker. A few of us quickly became hooked, and now we Wordle together during our lunch break in a sort of competitive way, starting at the same time so nobody has an advantage. To improve my chances, I always start with the word audio, steak, or table. I saw on Google that these were some of the best words to get started with, so that's what I stick with! -Ty Gibson, 37, TX

BIBLE Inspiration

I do Wordle every day (in the morning) and share results with my two daughters by text. It’s the only thing we do together these days—at least one daily connection with them in these fraught times of family divisions. I find a word at random in the Bible to start with—I turn to a random page and find the first five letter word with no repeat letters. –Terri Corcoran, 71, VA

Everyday CHAMP, Occasional Genius

I love Wordle and look forward to it every day! I usually play in the late afternoon because I am retired and need something to look forward to during the day. I consider myself a genius if I can get it in 3 tries or less! I consider myself a plain old winner if I get it in the allowed 6 tries. Not bad at the end of the day to know you are a genius or, at the very least, a winner! -Nan Hayes, 73, CT

The Couple that Wordles Together, STAYS Together

My partner and I Wordle together each morning while drinking our morning cup of coffee/tea. We trade-off picking the starting word. I really love discussing the strategy with him and think it's a nice symbol of our goal of working together as a team. –Deb Tomaro, 49, IN

A Hard Working BONUS

I'm a Wordle junkie and look forward to it every day. I use my Wordle as motivation to get hard tasks done. Every day, I usually have about three hours of “difficult" tasks. My reward for getting those done is hopping on my Wordle! –Samantha Brandon, 32, AZ

When the CLOCK Strikes 12

I recently discovered that Wordle resets at midnight… I can't quite go to sleep knowing there’s a puzzle I need to solve! Some would argue it is probably not the best thing to do, just as I’m winding down to sleep, but my streak remains intact at the moment (though I just might agree with them on the day I get one wrong and spend the night awake wondering how I let a word slip through my fingers)! The real bonus of midnight Wordle is that it brings no chance of stumbling across social media spoilers by the spoil-sports who love posting the answers. –Mario Cacciottolo, 49, Italy

Five Letter WORDS

For me, Wordle is play. I like to start the puzzle, and my day, with an inspired or relevant word. The other day I began with poise after my husband read me a text from our 14 year-old niece that exuded self-confidence in manner and elegance of speech. Poise it had to be! The day before that it had to be peace. I now find myself thinking about five letter words randomly, bringing the fun of Wordle into my day with me, and knowing I can wake up and enjoy it again! - Christine Farber, 51, CT

Wordle has quickly developed into a symbol of the times and I don’t think it is going anywhere for a long time. Perhaps one of the greatest gifts of this brainteaser is the conversations it starts. So, next time you are next to a stranger on the subway or suffering in awkward silence with a co-worker, go ahead and ask them about their Wordle habits—and ENJOY the conversation that ensues.

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