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This image is very "mean girls" and it makes me feel icky

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[ image credit: Getty Images ]

This photo.

It’s been circulating.

The feelings it’s stirring up.

Those are circulating too.

In abundance…on my social media feed at least.

And I’m triggered by it.

And what I’m gonna say,

is not going to be liked by all.

My sentiments, this Facebook post, it’ll be shared by some...maybe…perhaps.

But more than those that do agree with me,

there wil be those that don’t.

Still, I’m gonna say it.

I’ve got to say it.

If we stand for good people, we stand for all of them.

Black, white, woman, man, transgender or anything in between.

I’m a woman.

And, sure, I have every right to fight for voting rights, for the right to serve, for equal pay and whatever else I damn well please.

But a woman, who, from every bone in her body and the soul housed inside of it knows she is one,

she, too,

has every right I do,

and that includes the right to stand on the podium she has her whole life silently fought to stand on.

It’s not about knowing every humans plight.

It’s not even about being able to fully understand it.

It is about AT LEAST trying to, AND RESPECTING IT.

It’s super freakin' easy to stand in the audience and lead a commentary.

I can imagine it’s really freakin' hard to be in the race and feel duped or slighted.

But what I and some many of us cannot imagine is how it must feel to be a member of the human race and to question your whole existence and value.

That’s -effin crazy.

And withstanding that kind of doubt

and finally getting a seat at the table only for every one else at that table to get up and walk away,

it’s sad,


but, I hope to God only more motivating.

Here’s some uncontested accolades…

for any person

— young, old, man, woman, or anything in between and they’re just from a middle-aged woman and her phone keyboard, but I do hope they reach you and I hope they give you hope —

BRAVO! You did it. You’re doing it. You’re facing an uphill feat and you’re facing it head and heart on. Well done!

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