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There's Nothing Like A Mother's Intuition

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There’s nothing like a mother’s intuition.

When her daughter has that look on her face--

the one where the lines on her face scrunch together and her nose crinkles.

She’s thinking hard

or talking less,

maybe playing with her food instead of eating—

and we know something’s wrong.

But it’s not always that obvious.

Sometimes we feel it deep in our bones,

that the baby needs a diaper change even though she’s sleeping.

That we should show up early for pick up because something didn’t feel right this morning.

Because we know our kids so well—

and there’s nothing like a mother’s intuition.

The mother-child connection goes beyond blood,

It’s a mind and soul connection.

We feel their pain if they are hurt.

We sense their fears when they are afraid.

We hear our intuition in whispers, and sometimes in screams.

We know our children more than anyone.

They’re a part of us in an inexplicable way

until we become mothers.

Then this sixth sense develops

and we’re never the same again.

Because there’s nothing like a mother’s intuition.

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