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Challenge: WHO Are You?

There's beauty in being transparent

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I hate skinny jeans because I'm not skinny. Fit-ish, yes. Skinny, no.

I loathe Lilly Pulitzer and being "matchy" with my kids, hence why we haven't done holiday cards in years.

Well, let's be real... that's also 'cause I'm lazy and cheap.

The only bras I wear are sports bras and, guess what?? I buy them from consignment. [ everyone gasps with disgust ]

Black leggings and I are in a monogamous relationship, but occasionally we get with oversized sweatshirts, too. Usually for a steady few months at a time. I stopped wearing makeup daily a few months into the pandemic. Spoiler Alert: I'll probably never wear it that consistently again.

I don't like 'girls nights' or any kind of large social gathering because they feel so pressure-filled. And though in other areas of my life I thrive under pressure, I don't do so hot socially. I"M REALLY FREAKIN' AWKWARD.

Sometimes I forget to brush my teeth. WHO FORGETS TO BRUSH THEIR TEETH?? I hear you. Me. It's me, and I'm sorry.

I love to binge-eat cheese. Like whole blocks in one sitting. It's my jam.

I can be shy in person but incredibly extroverted and divulgent (it ain't even a word, but I don't care) when I write. I ain't hypocritical; I'm just embarrassed by myself at times and embarrassing myself with my keyboard instead of in front of people...oddly, it feels freeing.

I'll never get botox or fillers, but I'd sure fix my jacked-up boobies one day. Just the other day, my sweet little five-year-old called them "so pointy and low." Thanks, kid. And, truth? I'll probably never fix those puppies because, for the rest of my life, I have to get a mammogram or an MRI every six months because I have an elevated risk for BC, which I can credit to family history.

My eyebrows are tattooed. I tattooed them 15 years ago when microblading was barely a thing, let 'em fade to practically invisible, and then re-did them again this year. Gettin' them redone has been a giant confidence boost for me.

My nose is too big for my face, and my ears and teeth are too small. Not to mention my teeth are yellowing, too.

I love Disaronno, red wine and God.

I read from a devotional but will gleefully lose my ever-loving, booty-shaking mind when Lil Jon's "Get Low" comes on.

I complain all the time about the challenges of being a stay-at-home-mom, but I'd be freaked out as hell to be anything else after 9+ years as one.

My toxic trait is making no money but spending like I do. [ note: the husband agrees]

I'll probably never stop using writing for therapy and as a confessional.

And I'll always hope that someone, somewhere, appreciates that.

Because there's this beauty in being transparent. In putting your sh*t out there for the world to read, see, or hear and to say



Well, folks, this is who I am.

And I hope you've enjoyed meeting me.

Please know that SO many people out there want to know you -- the real you.

Who will you share yourself with today? I hope someone.

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