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Challenge: Stop Mom Judging

There's A Little Crazy In All Of Us

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In a world littered with hate and judgement you really need to find others that "get" you and stick together. But, it's hard to do this when the ones that should understand you the best, are looking down on you with judgy eyes and unsolicited advice. Yes, Mom's I'm talking about you. Whether you are a new mom, a mom that is walking the battle fields of the toddler years, a mom that is crying tears of joy because your baby made it into adulthood or you are a mom that is now a grandmom at some point and time you've been talked down to, talked about, looked at funny, laughed at, and made to feel incompetent. But, it's time we put all of that behind us and accept the fact that we've all been the mom in the pick up line at school in her PJ's. We've all been the mom who had a little too much wine during mommy's night out and we have all cried ourselves to sleep at some point. And, now my compadre's we need to rise up and grab a hold of each other's hands and hearts and live our lives the way we want and stand in support of one another! Maybe if we all let our crazy show once in awhile we will see that the cupcakes in the other moms oven aren't any better than our own. I've got your back Mom. Do you have mine?

This video is a tribute to you the Mom's out there, young and old, you are beautiful just the way you are! Now get out there and live your life and stop worrying what others may think!!



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