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Secrets of a morning-person mom

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Does the sunrise call your name or do you live for the snooze button and a warm, cozy bed? The early morning hours have always been my friend, and it's a good thing considering my kids are early risers too.

Today I'm sharing my morning-person mom secrets so you can get out the door on time and make the most of those early morning hours.

  1. Evening Prep. If pulling your kids (or yourself) out of bed is a challenge in the morning, prepare the night before. Lunches made, backpacks packed, clothes laid out and baths complete can help the morning routine run a lot smoother.
  2. Delegate Tasks. Just because mom runs the show doesn't mean she has to be the lead, the understudy and the ensemble. Give your kids a starring role by assigning morning tasks. Create a list with pictures for non-readers to complete their morning jobs. Tasks like getting dressed, putting clothes in the hamper, eating breakfast and brushing teeth can be done by most age groups all without mom's help.
  3. Pull the Plug. When kids are plugged into electronics, things tend to move very slowly. Passing off just one more level or waiting until the show is over can make or break your morning. We've implemented a "no screen before school" policy. And those morning jobs we talked about? That's how they earn a bit of screen time for after school.
  4. Take 15. Gift yourself 15 minutes every morning. A quick shower and a bit of mascara with an outfit you feel good in can go a long way. Claim that time as your own and let the kids do a safe, quiet activity or continue getting ready for the day.
  5. Out the Door. Let your kids know what time you plan to leave and give them a 10 minute warning when time is almost up. Aim to be ready at the warning time so you can help out with any last-minute crises.

One of the most important things I have learned about getting out the door on time is that kids want and need responsibility. It's my job to model and teach them the morning routine but it is not my job to bring them their clothes, their breakfast and their toothbrush while they watch a movie on the couch all morning. The more responsibility I gave my kids, the better their morning attitude became. Even the preschooler gives her best attempt at making her own bed.

How do you tackle the morning sunshine?

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