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​The Top 10 Things to Keep In Your Diaper Bag

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I have to admit, when you become a mom, you don’t have everything figured out.

But, one thing you try to have together is your diaper bag. Why? It’s pretty much your nursery on the go.

I refused to stay bound to my home once my son was born. So, as I ventured out and about, I learned that my diaper bag needed some necessary items to make any trip I took with my son a smooth experience.

Here are 10 items you never want to leave home without!


For obvious reasons, you don’t want to go too far from home without extra diapers on hand. I always made it a point to pack six or more-you never know if or when your baby is going to be doomed with loose stools. (You can find out how I get cheap diapers here).


Again, another obvious one; wipes are needed to clean up your baby’s bodily messes-and not just pee and poo! I have used wipes to mop up a runny nose, blot spit up, and even wipe off dirty hands, feet, knees, and my son’s post-lunch face.


I always have a portable cell phone charger in my bag. Not only can I ensure my phone is always ready to snap a pic, but I can guarantee I never get in a jam and run out of cell phone service if my car acts up or there is an emergency when I have the baby.

Wet Bag

Accidents happen. Whether your baby spits up, has a food spill, or gets some diaper debris on themselves; a wet bag is an ideal place to put soiled stuff! It not only locks up smells, but it protects the rest of your diaper bag.

Change of Clothes

Not to sound redundant, but accidents happen. So, a change of clothes is a must! And, I’m talking a full set-socks, onesie, top, and pants!


If you have chosen to give your baby a pacifier, you can keep one in your bag to help them nap on the go and stay calm in public! I even bought a case for my son’s that attached to the side of the bag so it stayed clean, but was also easy to locate in a jam.

Diaper Rash Cream

Some parents think they should only apply diaper cream when a rash appears, but I’ve learned that it should be applied with every diaper change-even when you’re away from your home. Cream forms a protective layer to lock out moisture and irritation, keeping your baby rash free at all times.


Always have a bottle on hand if you’re not nursing. I found the pour and go formula was my best friend and my son often fed when we were out of the house for a few hours; so a bottle was just what I needed to keep him full and content.


I always have a snack in my bag. Babies and toddlers’ hunger sneaks up on them-and fast! I found the canisters of puffs or melts kept my baby happy, and as a toddler I always have a container of pretzels, cereal, or goldfish!

Changing Pad

Changing pads are awesome for your diaper bag because they form a protective and comfortable layer between a public restroom’s changing table. I’ve even had to roll mine out on the grass before at the park! It helps keep your baby in place and away from germs or other things you don’t want to come in contact with your baby’s body.

A diaper bag is a mom’s best friend and secret weapon. Be sure to fill it with these ten essential items to be prepared for any and every occasion and occurrence!

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