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5 Tips for Preventing and Treating Diaper Rash

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Ouch! Diaper rash is not only unsightly, but it’s painful and can even be traumatic for a baby or toddler.

While you think it won’t happen to your child, think again. Even if you are on top of diaper changes and are ultra-hygienic; diaper rash happens to every baby at one point or another.

There are some things you can do to not just treat it, but prevent it from becoming a regular occurrence. Read on to learn about my five top tips.

Use a Strong and Effective Rash Cream

For tough diaper rashes, you need something that is extremely powerful. Look for creams that contain zinc oxide. And, if you can find a cream that offers triple the paste, you can guarantee a thick, medicated, highly effective ointment.

By slathering on such a powerful potion, you can ensure that you just don’t create a protective barrier, but you get rid of redness, irritation, and you help heal up sores that sometimes begin to form!

Be sure to apply it with every diaper change, and more (every hour or so) for intense rashes. Be patient though. It may take a few days for the toughest of rashes to disappear.

Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an organic alternative to a traditional, store bought diaper rash cream. It is just as effective in preventing rashes, and is possibly gentler when healing one.

Because coconut oil is solid, and in order to make it easier to spread, I keep a heaping handful in a bowl sitting out by my diapers. It allows me to spread it with ease and even allows me to moisturize the rest of my baby’s skin with each diaper change.

Best of all, it’s something I always have on hand and can utilize it in a pinch if I ever run out of ointment.

Consider a Spray

As far as preventatives go, I found that spray rash cream was a great option for my son and his caregivers. A spray is just as powerful and effective, but it doesn’t get all over your hands and changing pad.

It creates a layer of protection, before a rash begins. After using a spray, I noticed a significant decline in the amount of rashes my son received.

Ditch the Wipes

If your baby has a rash, the last thing you want to use on it is baby wipes. Certain kinds can end up irritating a baby’s bottom more. I usually give the wipes a break and use a wash basin that contains warm water.

I also use a clean wash cloth to blot around his rash and clean up any messes. After doing so for a day or two, I’ve noticed that my son’s rashes clear up and I have a much happier baby on my hands.

Go Au Natural

One thing that really helped my son’s diaper rash heal was actually removing his diaper for a while. I obviously made sure I sat him on the potty first and limited his liquids before doing this.

But, after an hour or so, I noticed that his bottom was nice and dry, and it allowed his rash the opportunity to air out and continue to heal. Diapers trap and lock in moisture, which is the last thing you want if you wish for your baby to recover from a bad rash.

Wrapping Up

Every baby gets a diaper rash. And, when they do; you can guarantee you’ll be prepared by following some of the tips provided above. They will heal your little one’s wound, and will make them feel better in no time!

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