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Challenge: Pandemic Parenting

The space between...

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As I sit here, finally relaxing after a week of running around like crazy, I am reminded of how much I enjoy the space between Christmas and the upcoming New Year.

I admire the space between...
it forces me to take pause and slow down with the girls after a hectic week of prepping for Christmas.

It may be a magical few days but the build up, as we know, can cause many of us to shut down, as we get our bearings straight.

But then the space between comes in...
A delicate space attempting to balance the past year and what is to come.

The space between where we decide what to hold on to from the year and what to leave behind.

The space between where we decide what we take along our new journey and maybe how to improve our path for the year to come.

This precious space between offers us a time for reflection.

The space between may slowly suck some of the life out of us, but with time, the pieces eventually merge back together. We are able to create and mold a fresh start, one which offers to us a rebirth for the year ahead.

The space between is a blessing... a time to regroup, slow down and reflect on all that is to come and all that I hope to be.

So, what will my year ahead look like?

The space between will once again offer me some insight as I take the time to reflect and make peace with what will be left behind and what will carry forward with me on my journey.

The space between...
a delicate place filled with beautiful contemplation.


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