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The Secrets to Growing Your Baby Blog That Mommy Bloggers Don’t Share

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Blogging began as an electronic version of writing a diary but over the years it has evolved into a lucrative career choice. Tons of college students pet parents, makeup enthusiasts, new parents etc. have made a foray into blogging. It’s a perfect career option for a new stay at home parents because they can make quite a bit of handsome income without having to leave their precious little darling’s side. A little bit of persistence, some hard work and a whole lot of creativity are the pillars on which a blogging career rests. But the fourth pillar which no one really talks about is strategy and that is what makes the real difference. Here are some secret tips which will help you grow your baby blog rapidly.

Reach out to fellow parents

The tone of your blog should be conversational and fun so that you can reach out to other mommies and daddies who are in the same boat as you are. Make it fun, exciting and something they can relate to, and hence, look forward to. An impeccable house or a perfect parenting style is often not what parents seek in a mommy blog! Talk about your small victories, failures, struggles and how you get through because if they wanted parenting advice from a pedestal, there are plenty of more established portals where they would have gone. They are here to grow as a parent with you so keep it real.

But don’t forget non parent audience too

It’s important to remember that non parents can be your audience as well and you simply cannot ignore or alienate them. Make sure that your tone isn’t too technical or that your content isn’t so exclusive that it will only resonate with parents. Keep it light and interesting so that people who are not raisin children, those who don’t want children or even those who have raised kids would like to read your blog, simply to unwind so make sure it has a breezy and universal vibe. This will help you ensure that you have a mixed bag of audience, and hence, a larger following.

Supply good content regularly

The value of regularity simply can’t be stressed enough! You have to understand how fleeting the attention span of readers is and hence, it’s absolutely essential that you keep coming up with a fresh supply of content from time to time. You also must ensure that not only is the content regular, it is also interesting, flawless, fun and attractive enough in order to retain a regular readership.

Manage a blogging schedule

Monetising a blog requires quite a lot of work and way more planning. Now as a parent who has a full-time responsibility of a new baby or a toddler and maybe even other work, be it chores or office, this can be frankly intimidating. Maintaining a proper schedule can come to your rescue as you don’t have to bother about failing to deliver content on time and losing out on viewership. If you are posting multiple kind of content, such as your regular baby posts, punctuated with product reviews, paid advertisements etc. make sure you keep a calendar to manage these different aspects efficiently. You can hire a management team such as Over The Top SEO to help streamline the readership better. With some planning you can make good money out of your blog!

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