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5 Ways to Make Money as a Stay-At-Home Parent

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Who couldn’t use a little extra cash and a few more important things to do? Stay at home parents have an admirable job to do. It’s not easy, but unfortunately, it doesn’t pay. The stay at home parent who wants a little extra cash has several options for getting it. Some of them can even become more lucrative than your everyday salary career.

1. Freelancing

Technically, everyone can freelance. People with special in-demand skills might find that freelancing brings in enough to pay the bills every month. A lot of freelancers in tech fields like coding, web design, or app development make a ton of money. If you don’t have a unique skill, it’s easy to teach yourself the ins and outs of copywriting or editing. You’ll be able to set your own rates and make your own schedule. After a while, you might even become a fully functional one-person business.

2. Blogging

There are countless ways to make money blogging. As a parent, you have the unique ability and experience to write a parenting blog, and they’re very popular among new parents. Since there are new parents every day, that well will never run dry. Methods like affiliate blogging allow you to make commissions off of sales without actually storing, selling, or shipping anything. You can affiliate market with anything Amazon retails, or choose a specialty retailer if you have a particular area of interest.

3. eCommerce

The magic of eCommerce allows you to run a business out of your own home. If you make something you can sell (like crafting or woodworking) you can easily open your own storefront with little to no overhead by selling exclusively online. Some people use auction sites like eBay to purchase and resell vintage finds from thrift stores or estate sales at a significant markup. If your children are a little older and don’t have a very long list of needs, this might be a viable way of running your own retail business.

4. Trading or Investing

If you have some savings, you can easily put those savings to work for you. By learning to trade or invest, you can turn a small nest egg into a retirement fund or a down payment on a bigger home with nothing but research and time. Outside of keeping abreast with the industries you’re invest in, trading and investing involve a small amount of time commitment. It may not be as instantaneous as providing a readily available product or service, but the potential return on investment from the amount of effort involved is absolutely unparalleled.

5. Tutor

Stay-at-home parents often have a knack for helping their children learn. They come back with homework or study materials, and you likely spend a little bit of time each day setting your child up for educational success. If your children are doing well at school, you can help other children achieve the same academic growth. Becoming and online tutor is relatively simple – all you need is a clear proficiency in a certain subject and you’ll be able to help provide online tutoring for children who need a little extra help.

Having some extra income will give you a greater sense of freedom, as well as the ability to provide for your children. Even if your financial situation feels secure, it never hurts to have a little extra cash coming in when you have a family to care for.

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