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Challenge: Stop Mom Judging

The One With 12 Reasons to Mom Judge Me

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I am so very tired of all the mommy judging. Parenting is hard! It just is. We are all just doing the best we can with what we have. We all make mistakes. Not every child is the same, not every house is the same, not everybody has to be the SAME.

I know it makes us feel better as moms to pick out what is bad about the OTHER moms. So, I am going to just get it all out there, not all of it, I do WAY too much wrong to list ALL of it. But I will make it really easy to judge me.

Here goes:

My kids sometimes eat Lunchables.

We don’t drink organic milk.

I occasionally clean my house with chemicals.

My house is not clean…like ever. And let’s not even talk about my minivan!

I yell at my kids sometimes.

I occasionally say bad words in front of my kids.

While I do miss my kids being small, I am also SO VERY HAPPY that I do not need to wipe butts or push in swings anymore or tie shoes anymore.

My kids have WAY too much “Screen Time”.

I throw away 90% of their school work.

I let my kids play outside unsupervised.

I KNOW they don’t brush their teeth everyday. Even though I tell/ yell at them too.

I coslept with ALL of my babies.

The list could go on…and on…and on….So judge away. Lots of things to judge here.

I think, as our kids grow older, we repress the traumatic moments of their childhoods. Let’s think back to labor and delivery. Obviously, we forget that our bodies feel as if they are being ripped in half. Or we wouldn’t have more babies! We forget about waking up every two hours to feed a baby and being pooped upon and spit up on. Yet, we still love that baby fiercely. Maybe we also forget about the tantrums they threw in Target. Or that we didn’t ALWAYS breastfeed our baby. Or that ONE time (wink, wink) you yelled at your child. Or you BOUGHT the treat for the bake sale.

You are not a perfect mom. I am not a perfect mom. And it’s okay. The Mother of the Year thing is not a real thing. You are the Mother of the Year for YOUR child. You do the best you can for you and your family. I’ll do the best I can for mine. Yes, most of the time I fall short, but that is why there is therapy, right?

Can we just stop the mom. Because I don’t know much, but I do know, being a parent is HARD. It is the hardest, most important, job in the world. So let’s build each other up. When that child is throwing a tantrum in Target, please don’t put on your judgy face. Say, “Hey mom, I remember those days. It’s HARD. Keep up the good work.” Let’s be cheerleaders for other moms, not judgers.

I would LOVE to hear some reasons that I can judge you too if you’d like to share!

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