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Challenge: Stretched Too Thin

The Moments That Hurt Big

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There are moments in life that hurt big.

Like, really big.

Moments that shatter your heart into a million pieces.
Moments that make you question the point of it all.
Moments that make you doubt the future of humanity.
Moments that make it hard to find hope or light.
Moments that make you want to scream, cry, and shout.
Moments that make you feel completely out of control.
Moments that make you feel like you can’t find any air to fill your lungs.
Moments that make you feel like you are falling apart.
Moments that make you actually fall apart and send your world crumbling down around you.

When those moments hit you - and they will - because it seems no one is immune to moments like that, remember to reach out and hold on.

Reach out even if you can’t see where you are reaching.
Hold on even if it feels like holding on is the last thing you can do.

Reach out and believe that the people that love you most will find their way to you.
Hold on and remember that even the darkest moments are just moments in time.

Those moments will move on, leaving new moments in their place. And in those new moments you will find love, support, and hope.

Keep reaching out.
Keep holding on.

Better moments are ahead.

They have to be.

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