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The Kids at the Pool

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The Kids at the Pool

Schools out for summer break. Most people spend countless hours at the swimming pool, holding the beach chairs down, and splashing around in the water. The fact is hanging by the swimming pool is almost like a sport. This summer, Little Dude and I have spent countless hours at the pool. Between daily swim lessons, to days cooling off, and playing at the pool. We have enjoyed our time! The pool has served as our summer entertainment in more ways than one. It has been the source of many laughs and fun memories.

Our pool club has many characters. The college-aged lifeguard staff that of course, I want to hire for my own babysitting needs, the pool managers, and the rest of the ancillary staff. The other pool members, families, parents, retired folk… Oh and let’s not forget the Kids…

The kids at the pool… because you know they exist at every pool! Even as a kid I remember these kids! They are purely around for our entertaining pleasure. Every parent needs a good laugh every day especially when we’re chilling at the pool! So raise your coffee cups and cheers to the kids at the pool!

The Jump Master!

This is the kid that is jumping off the side right next to you thinking they’re a superstar. Their hair blowing in the wind as they jump, splash and sling their hair back soaking everyone near them. It’s like they should have handed you a sign, or an umbrella, so you can rate the jump before they jumped in!

The Mommy Can’t Win Kid!

The kid that cries going in the pool cries getting out. Cries if another child goes near them. Hello… Anti- social you are at the swimming pool have fun and live a little!

The I Need a Nap!

The poor kid that is barely staying awake and needs a nap. But the older 5 siblings are still playing, and mom just isn’t quite ready to leave yet.

The Sniper!

The only kid at the pool with a super soaker and shooting everyone in his/her path. He/ she turns with precision and accuracy and hits you right in the face. Does not apologies or say two words. This is the one to watch out for! Of course, his/ her mother is nowhere to be found.

The Rebel!

The kid that is breaking all the rules! The kid with no- fear… going down the slide head first, backward, and upside-down. The non- conformist!

The I Can’t Compete with Mommy’s iPhone!

This kid is in the pool, splashing, yelling, taking toys from other innocent children, all in hopes to catch a fleeting mommy glimpse or some sort of affirmative grin. Yet this kid is no match for the captivating iPhone!

The Kids that Grew a Phone to their Fingers!

The tweens that are all sitting next to each other, however, no one is talking just texting! Verbal communication is overrated to these kiddos.

The Which What Who!

The kid with every gadget, flotation device, and water toy known to man, however, the poor mother can not get the poor kid to touch the water.

The Leg Workout!

This is the kid that is giving the poor mother a run for her money. Hanging from her legs, her arm, or wherever this kid can attach.

The Bolter!

This is the kid that is running away from their mother. As soon as she gets close, there they go again on the run. In the pool, out of the pool, this poor mother can’t catch her kid.

Which are your kids?? My kid is the Rebel. He finds great pleasure in giving mommy a heart attack nearly every day and some gray hair! And oh, do I worry about the teen years!

Thank you for entertaining us… the Kids at the Pool! Happy Pool Day!

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