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Why I Finally Said Yes To Swimming With My Kids

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I knew that both of my kids were going to love to swim before they were even born.

They each kept me wide awake many nights throughout my pregnancies with their soothing flips, swims and kicks inside of my belly.

My kids are both summer babies, and since my husband and I are huge fans of warm weather, beach days and sitting poolside, it was inevitable that my kids would want to swim every single chance they could get.

Why I Finally Said Yes To Swimming With My Kids

Why I Finally Said Yes To Swimming With My Kids

My kids are now 13 and soon to be 7 in a couple of days and over the years we have traveled to countless places throughout the world together, most of which have been warm weather spots.

Now don’t get me wrong, my kids are huge fans of Disney World, but if you ask them where their favorite place to visit is, they will most likely say the beaches in Puerto Rico.

They are truly beach babies.

They are drawn to the ocean and an exciting resort pool the way that I am drawn to traveling or a new pair of Tieks.

Why I Finally Said Yes To Swimming With My Kids

So why am I missing out?

Why do I usually sit outside of the pool or along the beach, inside of splashing, riding the waves and making more memories with my kids?

I am going to share my why with you right now.

Growing up I used to get teased at times because my hair wasn’t like everyone else’s.

I am biracial and when I was a kid my hair was always very curly and would easily frizz.

As soon as I became a teenager I started getting my hair straightened and I never looked back.

Now that I am older I continue to wear my hair straight, but it still waves or frizzes up at even a hint of humidity or water.

My kids know that Mom doesn’t like to get her hair wet, so they usually go off on their own and swim or swim and play with my husband, while I look on wistfully wishing that I had maintenance free hair.

Why I Finally Said Yes To Swimming With My Kids

Today that ends.

Why I Finally Said Yes To Swimming With My Kids

We are currently away on vacation celebrating my daughter’s birthday and as I sat by the pool watching my kids having all kinds of fun swimming with my husband, I decided right then and there that I will no longer watch my kids in the water from the sidelines.

I will no longer be a hypocrite and tell my beautifully curly-haired daughter just how lovely her curls are and to always embrace them, yet I wish mine away.

So I did it.

I jumped in the pool and surprised my family.

I watched my daughter’s face light up as she showed me how many somersaults she can do underwater.

I watched my son’s excitement as he showed me that he could carry me on his back across the pool.

Why I Finally Said Yes To Swimming With My Kids

I am constantly encouraging others to do what makes them happy, to live life to the fullest, to not worry about what others think.

What makes me happiest is being with my family and making unforgettable memories with them.

I will no longer sit poolside or on the sand, but instead, I finally said yes to swimming with my kids.

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