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Challenge: WHO Are You?

The Growth of the Spiritual YOU

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As parents, you need to be rock solid for your children. You need to have the mental resolve to take action in moments of crisis, the discipline to keep the trains running on time in day to day life, and the fortitude to keep pushing so you can all grow and flourish.

You also have to be a business partner with the mother or father of your kids, while still finding time to connect and let romance blossom.

So how can anyone manage to do all of this?

The answer starts with learning yourself and continuously nurturing and providing for your own needs first.

Yes, we're taught to do for others first, but the fact of the matter is that you have to have something to give before you can help others. Below I'll touch on three points that help keep me centered, learning myself and staying in the game for those that need me most.

#1: You Control Your Mind, Not The Other Way Around

If you let your mind get the best of you, it will every single time.

Our minds naturally wander. Rather than trying to physically stop your mind from wandering, it's important to put these thoughts in their proper place.

The best way to frame this is that you are a human being that has thoughts, but you are not your thoughts. When you understand this on a foundational level, those thoughts about financial problems, work, your mortality and random clutter won't have nearly as much meaning or power.

Developing a meditation and fitness routine works wonders for helping you quiet your mind as well.

#2: Treat Every Moment With The Importance It Deserves

What's the difference between an important moment and an unimportant moment?

Seriously. Think about for a second.

We get caught up in the business of life and think that some moments have higher priorities than others, when in reality, any moment of being alive contains magic and wonder. A series of miracles happened and continue to happen for us to even be alive discussing this.

Sure, there are moments in life that require you to prioritize your attention -- so that you can pay bills, hit deadlines, and attend important functions. This doesn't mean that the moments where you're simply sitting still and enjoying the summer breeze, or changing your child's clothes don't have the same level of importance and significance.

The more you can observe and enjoy the present moment, the more you'll learn to love and appreciate yourself and the world around you.

#3: Study Spiritual Texts, But Live Through Actions

Your spiritual path is only fruitful if you put it into action, rather than just glossing over a few principles.

There's a difference between reading up on ideas like love, compassion and forgiveness, and actually putting these virtues into action in your everyday life. Your life can transform with meaning when you take the time to apply these principles on a regular basis.

These matters are challenging, because life will always test you. Make sure that you're constantly challenging yourself and pushing your family to do the same in their spiritual journeys.

You can bring the family together to read through family devotionals, and discuss these matters regularly, as you carry the lessons learned into work and school.

By taking action, rather than treating them as sterile, lifeless, ancient texts, you'll find true life changing fulfillment.

Use these three steps and watch your life transform as a result.

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