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Challenge: Reading Together

Build Your Child's Reading Comprehension And Faith One Lesson At A Time

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Studies indicate that parents that read to their children enjoy higher literacy rates and academic achievement throughout their lives. If you want to double down on helping your child develop into a well-rounded individual, make sure you're helping them both academically and spiritually with these reading sessions.

No matter your faith, religion or beliefs, it's important to learn and practice in earnest, so that your family has a strong foundation as you grow together.

To learn more about helping your child grow through reading about their spirituality, consider the tips below.

Sit Down As A Family To Read And Share

The old adage goes, "the family that prays together, stays together." Regardless of your faith, there's something to be said about forging a bond as a family as you learn and grow.

A lot of families find great value in going over family devotionals together once a week, or even every day. You can purchase your child a devotional suited for their age group, so that they go to school with lessons and reflections that can help them get through their day.

By sitting down as a family to read and discuss, you're also setting up a regular practice that will carry you far and solidify your bond. It also offers great insight into what's going on in your child's life, while allowing you to share with them as well.

Make Sure You Have Your Child Relate The Information In Their Own Words

It's one thing to simply pass down beliefs to your child, but it's another entirely to help them come to grips with their own beliefs.

Rather than just quizzing your child on material, have them read and then express to you what they learned in their own words. This is great for building your child's reading comprehension and critical thinking.

It also teaches open mindedness, since everyone has their own interpretation and take on religious texts.

Encourage A Hunger For More Information

The beauty of walking a spiritual path is that it is a lifelong decision. As a result, you should encourage your child to continuously learn.

Even if they read the Bible, Quran, or other religious text cover to cover, they will likely still have questions. By supplementing these texts with books by authors that break down the texts and analyze them, it becomes easier to make sense of their faith as a whole.

When you consider these points, it's easier to help your child with both their reading and their faith.

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