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Challenge: The Life Changes Project

The First Time Parent Guide To Balancing Work And Life

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A gush of changes come in the life of an individual after getting married. While this may sound a bit inappropriate to some of you but when a baby comes in the life of a married couple work and life go for a toss. Trying to mum the whining baby, changing diapers, feeding and making him/her sleep, staying awake at odd hours become a daily phenomenon for them.

According to research released by Pew Research Center as many as 41% of working mothers say that parenting has interfered with their career advancement. On the other hand, only 20% were able to say the say for themselves, it is because more than half of the household labour is on the shoulders of women despite working full-time.

All in all, parenting makes striking the balance between work and life impossible to attain. Do not get disheartened, you can make the impossible say “I M POSSIBLE” by making certain changes for the good, keep reading to know what they are.


Tips to manage work

  • Staying mentally absent- Thinking about your child all the time and wondering what he ate, what he didn’t, how is he, and more is not healthy. You should make sure you are mentally present at the place where you are. Stay focused when you are working and keep coordinating with the childcare in those short breaks you take after you accomplish one milestone.

  • Taking work home- Make a task list in the HR software and divide your time accordingly so that you do not take the work or stress of pending work home.

  • Train someone from your team to manage things for you- If you are feeling overwhelmed delegate your work to an intern or someone eager to learn or take up more on their plate. You can also train someone to take up your place and manage certain things in your place for you when you take off suddenly.

  • Choose an office that offers flexibility- Always prefer working in a company that offers you flexibility in timings, work hours, and lets you work from home when required. Online payroll software India has have made it easier for companies to manage that and you to apply the leaves and attendance daily.

  • Let colleagues know the ways to reach you- You can use HR software to update your contact details. Now for the days, you are absent on, you can also leverage the HR software and make a post informing people that you will not be available and should be contacted on so and so number if urgent.

Tips to manage child/ life

  • Mark all month events on the calendar- Marking all the functions related to friends and family for the entire month in advance will help you plan things in a better way.

  • Stay in touch with the childcare- When you both are at work, fix and divide timings to call the childcare or look at the live footage or pictures of your child.

  • Prepare in advance for the next day- You will get salary on time because of the kind of online payroll software India has, they are good with compliance and processing timelines. However, if you will not reach on time, your salary will get deducted. So, plan for the next day in advance. Decide what you will wear, pack your bag and the child’s so that you can leave timely the next day.

  • Play and spend more time with your child- It is important to give a happy time to your toddler. Play with him or her and stop relying even for this on your housekeeping.

#WARNING - You have not struck the balance yet!

Remember, you come before anyone else. Self- care and self-love come first. It is important to stay sane. You may feel overwhelmed for a month or so for most of the time, because of the arrival of the newborn but if the same continues and even this doesn’t give you relief, you should look for work from home options or freelancing.

Instead of considering this period as a setback for your career, turn it into a time to make a stronger comeback by taking a course to ameliorate your skills. You can also take up anything you were longing to learn like a dance form, yoga, meditation, or anything else.


Voila! Now, you have struck the balance with or without a job.

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