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Find Babysitters In Canada With An Online Community

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Two-career households are the new normal in Canada and with plenty of other commitments, parents are increasingly looking for top quality childcare that fits their families’ schedules. However, finding reliable childcare can be a time-consuming task, and with parents so busy, even finding assistance can become a burden. As a result,many parents are going online to look for a babysitter, full time nanny, or au pair, but they often have questions about the safety and security of using such methods. They often ask questions such as, “How do I know my contact information isn’t going to end up in the wrong hands,” or, “Is this really the best way to compare childcare providers?” In response, new, purpose-built, safe services have emerged that connect clients to childcare providers, along with features that make searching easier and safer.

Smart parents have been turning to online communities that provide a superior way to search for full time nannies and part time babysitters. Among these communities, the features that truly stand out to make your search better, faster, and safer make it easier to organize your selection process, protect your information, and give you plenty of resources to better use the site. These features include personal notes on sitter profiles, favourite lists to keep track of potential hires, customer service support and resources, and tools to keep your contact information private when you first reach out to interview a potential candidate.


You can find these features on sites like Canadian Nanny, and while they make your life considerably easier, your work isn’t done once you’ve finally found the right person to look after your child. In Canada, hiring a nanny means that you become an employer and that means that you become your own HR department, responsible for pay stubs, payroll taxes, and providing T4s, as well as being able to take advantage of taxable benefits. The Canadian Revenue Agency can be unforgiving if mistakes are made, so it's helpful to find an online service that will take care of all these details for you. One of the services that distinguishes Canadian Nanny from other childcare matchmaking sites is their unique Heart Payroll service, which handles all the CRA’s requirements, including:

• setting up employee payment with Direct Deposit
• registering employees with the Canada Revenue Agency
• calculating net pay, gross pay, and income tax deductions
• making Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Employment Insurance (EI) payments for employers
• providing T4 forms each tax season
• providing pay stubs for employee records
• completing Record of Employment forms for clients

Finding babysitters at Canadian Nanny is a smart, easy option that lets you narrow your search down to exactly what you need, whether it’s after school care, a summer-time nanny, an au pair, or an evenings and weekends babysitter. It’s not just potential employers who benefit from using the right online service; job seekers love the access to so many potential jobs as well as the reliability of professional payroll services. Nannies and families can both find the perfect match when all parties start with the right online service.

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