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Challenge: What Makes a Family?

The different stages of worry... by mother Teresa

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The infant stages of worry.
I can't wait for them to grow up, this is hard!
Are they sick?
Are they getting sick?
Are they eating enough?
Why aren't they sleeping?
Why are they crying?
I wish they could tell me what is wrong.
Are they developing like other babies their age?
The school age stages of worry..
Are they ok all day in school without me?
Are the other kids being nice to my kids?
Are they falling behind in class?
Are they struggling?
Why are they always sick?
The teenage stages of worry
Holy Lord, it was easier when they were babies!
I wish I could turn Back the clock,


because they were happy with a Popsicle and a nap!
Why are they crying all the time?
Why won't they talk to me?
Who is being mean to my child?
I hope they don't wreck the car.
Are they drinking?
Are they smoking?
Are they lying to me?
Why are they so mean?
What happened to my child?
I want my bawling sleepless baby back!
Adult stages of worry.
Will they make it on their own?
How long after they graduate college will I be paying their way in life?
Will they make enough money to raise a family?
My God... I want to start over again.. this is hard!

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