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The day my family had no money: Our early Christmas miracle.

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When was the last time you experienced God’s pure and unfiltered love?

Today, it happened to me.


Four hours into our 12-hour road trip home to Mississippi, we stopped at a Pilot in Tennessee for gas.

Only, as we pulled up to the pump, a shocking discovery was made:

No mom bag - literally, my wallet and all of my money had been forgotten in Virginia.

What the heck am I going to do?

My hands began to shake as all the ominous warnings about traveling my father had offered me over the years resurfaced.

I’m going to have to beg for money.

Tears welled in my eyes, which sounded the alarm bells for my backseat buddies.

I mustered the strength to call my husband and retrieve his bank card numbers.

But when I made it to the cashier, my efforts and ridiculously messy mom bun were halted with a firm “no”.

And that, Friends, is when I started spouting my story.

But - just after I began - a single black credit card interrupted my trauma.

“Put it on my card. Will $30 work?” This was Hero #1.

I swear, I almost fell and kissed his feet.

Instead, I offered a few ugly sobs and gave him and his wife a hug.

Then, within 60 seconds of leaving the cashier, I turned around to see that he had followed me out to my car.

“Merry Christmas, ma’am. Here - for whatever you need!” Hero #2 was named Gerald, and he handed me a crisp twenty-dollar bill.

But, you see, God has to be sure we know it’s Him.

So, after my son helped me with the pump, another employee approached my kids.

“Hey, have you guys eaten?” Hero #3 got on eye-level with my littles. He ensured my kids and I were fed with a folded $10.

God orchestrated THREE complete strangers giving my family $60 in our time of desperate need - with absolutely no strings attached.

Today, He humbled me.
Today, He rescued me.

And I have never been more convinced:

How we feel God’s love is through each other.

Thank you, Heroes. We made it home.

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