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Challenge: Romance After Kids

The Day My Daughter Asked Us to Kiss

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The other day at the park, my daughter told us to “kiss like it was our wedding day” so she could take our picture.

This was the result: a ready-and-willing husband and a giggling wife.

This is a cute story, but kind of a sad one too.


My husband and I don’t fight in front of the kids, but we don’t love in front of them either. Somewhere along the line, we’ve become awesome co-parents and partners but the passion is gone. So much so that my daughter’s only reference of us kissing is a seven year old wedding photo on our wall.


Marriages shift and change with kids and time, but the more comfortable my husband and I get apart, the harder it is to come back together. Our lack of arguments is good, expect we’ve become indifferent. Our different interests are fine, except we have few commonalities.

But, we do have a great love. It’s not a swinging-from-the-chandeliers kind of love; it’s a steady one. It’s a love story full of safety and trust.

Because the truth is, marriages aren't built on big homes and bank accounts. Attraction doesn't come from being tall, dark, and handsome. Real love is about a million tiny moments that make you feel supported and seen.

It’s about showing up for the thick heavy hard parts of life—

Until death do you part.

And I want my daughter (and my spouse) to know that even if my affection isn’t always on public display, I do privately appreciate the man who gave life to my dreams.

So here’s my first attempt at PDA to show it.

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