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Challenge: My Dad Hero

The 5 Life Lessons Every Father Should Teach Their Son

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Our kids are our world.

We learn from them just as much as they are learning from us.

As parents, our job is to create a loving environment where our kids can grow, make mistakes and hopefully learn from them someday.

As moms, we are integral parts of who our boys will become, but today we are thinking about the things that we see in our husbands, the heros in our families, that we hope our sons will incorporate into their own lives as they get older.

These are the lessons that we hope will sink deep into their souls.

The lessons that a father imparts onto their little boys who will grow into grounded, respectable men.

Respect Your Elders

With age, comes wisdom and wisdom is the magic in finding the right path in life.

Respect the ones who have walked the path before you.

Have a conversation, learn what they have to may be the greatest lesson you learn.

Refer to them with respect, responding with ma'am or sir. You will be noticed, respected and appreciated because people love stumbling upon true gentlemen.

Kindness and respect will change the world.


Chivalry Is NOT Dead

Hold the door open. Open the car door.

Ladies FIRST!

Walk on the outside.

It doesn’t have to be some grand gesture, just enough to show genuine interest. People want to feel important.

Honor our Veterans

They made the ultimate sacrifice to protect us.

Take the time to thank them. Each and every one that you come across.

Shake their hand, look them look them in the eye.

Maybe buy their coffee.

Your little gesture will go a long way in making their sacrifice feel appreciated.


Be Generous

Give to others, it is good for your soul.

Throw in a quarter at in a stranger's parking meter. Volunteer your time to help out others.

It just might make someone’s day or even their life.

You will be remembered for this; make your generosity your legacy.

Keep The Romance Alive

Relationships are the core of humanity. Invest in them.

And when you find love...hold onto it.

Say it often and show it often. Our kids see the interaction between their parents daily. They learn from example. Don’t hold back, show what it means to love someone unconditionally.

Love takes work, nurture it.

So cheers to the dads out there! For being the gentlemen that we fell in love with, the role models for the little men that we are raising. Honor them, celebrate them because with them you are raising someone’s husband and father.

“A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow.” -Unknown

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