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That Moment When...

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That moment when you are looking at pictures and realize that your baby boys aren’t babies anymore.

That moment that a tiny little piece of your heart feels like it is literally breaking into pieces because you might never get to rock them to sleep again.

That moment, that gut-wrenching moment, that your two-year old calls you Mommy for the first time instead of Mama.

That moment when your five-year old gets his first big boy haircut and you watch his little curls fall to the floor and try not to cry.

That moment when they give you the best hug and you try so hard not to let go because you don’t know when you might get another one.

That moment that you realize your toddler is outgrowing his crib and needs to be put in a big boy bed, but you can’t bring yourself to do it.

That moment that you finally put the high chair in storage after five years of constant use, even though you know that more babies aren’t in your future.

That moment when your five-year old doesn’t need to hold your hand as you walk through a parking lot or a store anymore, but you force him to because he can’t grow up.

That moment when your kindergartener gets out of the car by himself in the morning and walks into school with his backpack, looking so big, and he didn’t ask for a kiss or a hug goodbye.

That moment when you walk past the baby and toddler section at Target into the big boy clothes because your oldest isn’t wearing anything with a T at the end.


Those moments are my present and they make my heart so sad, but also excited to move into a new chapter of life with my sweet boys.

Those moments have shown me that no matter how much I feel like I might be messing this whole parenting thing up, I have actually done a pretty great job.

Those moments have shown me that I am raising two sweet, caring, loving, hilarious boys that are going to do great things one day.

Those moments have shown me that even though those baby years were so, so hard, they were so, so worth it.

Those moments have reminded me that I wouldn’t trade the exhaustion and anxiety and sleepless nights for the world.

Those moments have shown me that I will always remember the cuddles and snuggles and those little baby hiccups when they finally fell asleep in my arms.

Those moments have shown me that parenting is by far the hardest job I have ever had, but those boys are the biggest blessing in my life.

I can’t wait to see what this new chapter brings and the new moments we create together.

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