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Thank you, Mom for helping with the little things

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She worries a great deal over the little things, yes.

But, that's because, one day, in the distant, but not so far off future, her little things will become big things with little things of their own and then she'll worry about the little things (and her big things) once again.

Who is she?

She's a mother.

And, so is she.

She is me.

And she is my mom.

She's every woman who is raising a daughter, who will, perhaps one day, raise a child of her own.

And, so, she worries over the little things like







nutrient-rich meals,

social development,

intellectual growth,

physical and cognitive abilities,

and the balance of it all.

And her mother worries about her.

But, that's not all.

She also worries about



"real" work,

her nuclear and extended "tribe,"

her marriage,

her personal growth,

and her value to her community.

That's a hell of a lot of "little things" to worry about.

And -- this should come as no surprise -- is why her mother worries about her.

Still, day in and day out, she tends to the little things even though such can get





and energy-depleting.

And, she does this because sometimes the little things can be absolutely






and so authentically satisfying.

And do you know how she knows this?

Because she lives and feels it each day, yes, but also because she has a mother who worried over the little things and then her little things turned to into big things with little things of their own and now, she again, has a chance to worry over the little (and big) things.

You see, behind every mother who worries a great deal over the little things is her mother who did the same; that same mother, who now, as a grandparent, is beyond willing to give of her time and energy to love, support and care for not just her big little, but her grandlittles too.

And she does this, seemingly effortlessly (yet anything but) so that all of the little things of motherhood don't seem so overwhelming to her daughter.

I once thanked my mom for always being there for my kids and me, and quite fittingly, she remarked, "Ain't nothing but a little thing."

If only she knew what a big thing it is for her to help with my little things.

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