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Challenge: I Feel Bad About...

Thank You for Loving Me

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You had another scary dream last night, so you plopped yourself in my bed around 11pm and kicked me all morning. I woke up frustrated and exhausted.

As I was pouring my coffee, you told me you were hungry. I took out the cereal and asked you to wait just one minute. But you were hungry, so you grabbed the milk and tried to pour it yourself. Milk was everywhere. I overreacted.

I reminded you and your brothers that I had an important virtual meeting and that I needed you guys to be quiet. I put on Ben10 and told you that I would be there to help you as soon as my meeting ended. I had to mute myself 3 times to ask you guys to stop screaming. I wanted to cry. Why didn’t you guys understand that I have to work from home? This is hard.

But then you grabbed my hand and told me you loved me. My stress and anxiety washed away -at least for tonight.

This is not our new normal. This is temporary. This too shall pass.

Thank you for understanding my frustrations are not a reflection of you.

Thank you for holding me.

And thank you for loving me sweet son.

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