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Tech, Kids, and Safety (and a Funny Story)

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I recently had to do some computer troubleshooting for my parents.

My sister and niece were visiting…

… you know where this is going.

My niece (being just over 1-years old) was having a blast playing with grandma’s tablet. A Fire tablet that happens to require your banking info. Yup, the little one somehow ordered some stuff on Amazon.

Software testing has all long been branded a bad rap. Those people who think that software testing is not rewarding, fun and challenging cannot be termed as software testers. If you are a fresh University graduate I would confidently tell you that software development is a career to follow.

What is software testing/QA?

This is a process in which product or services are verified as per their requirement following the customer's requirements.

There are several reasons as to why QA automation engineer is a career to die for. The following includes 10 practical reasons that will make you believe it is a good career to embrace.

1.S/W on High Demand

Things have been changing over time considering the advancement that has been made by the digital world. Most of the employment sector has gone digital in order to offer the best services to their clients. These include healthcare, education, banking and many others.

There are several options provided for both S/W services and S/W products, but what matters most is the quality of the product. Whenever a point regarding quality is brought on the table, it has always been backed up by Testing/QA. This has made the demand for S/W testing rise with time. And if you have knowledge concerning automation, you're likely to be the most favorable for the company.

2. Testers are well paid

You will hear people talk about S/W Testers being underpaid compared to Developers. This is a total lie. As a novice, whether you're on the category of a developer or, a Tester, you are entitled to an equal payment. You only need to prove your appraisal.

Most of the companies offer hiking by following the record of your performance, although your certifications and extensive knowledge are also considered. When you change the company as a highly experienced resource, your salary will depend much on what you were getting previously, the current state of IT, the role you are going to play in the next company and your skills.

3. it's easy to get into IT Through SNV Testing

The MNC's criteria followed in order to become S/W Tester/QA are the academic qualifications that should include: BSc, CA, MSc, MCA, or anything else related to engineering. There is also hope for individuals who are non-science. There are those companies that allow graduates who are non-science such as CA. Doctors with specific domains, for example, Healthcare and Banking.

4. Shifting from Development to Testing is very easy

If you reach a point of feeling that coding is no longer exciting and you would want to switch to something different in the field of IT, then Testing is the most recommendable option. While in the development of S/W, it means you have sufficient knowledge regarding the life cycle of S/W development. This shows that you can easily develop an application and verify its effectiveness. With the necessary skills in coding, it is an advantage to you.

5. Testing Tools are Simple to Learn

Getting into the field of IT does not all depend on IT experience, you can easily acquire knowledge about Test Automation Tools from the institutes of external Testing. These tools are very simple to comprehend, and once they get at your fingertips, you can utilize them for any application. There are also several courses offered through online means. They will take you through Selenium, QTP, which is in high demand.

6. Non-overtime Job

I may not completely conclude that it is a 9 to 6 job, but compared to development, you will handle less workload or pressure during phase designing. On the other hand in case of future agile testing you will be subjected into delivering mode and at times there will be clients who will call inquiring for requirement understanding. Therefore, it could be hectic compared to Development.

7. Offers Best Onsite Opportunities

There are those projects for example banking, where testers are required to have a clear understanding of the requirements. Here they are required to work very closely with the onsite location. With data privacy challenge, you will have an opportunity to work at the location of the client while with the SAT; most clients prefer to work closely with Testers. And with that in mind, there is a high possibility that you could work at the insite of which is a dream for most of the Indians.

8. You can Work from your Home

Most of the people prefer to work from their comfort that is as per their location and time Many companies prefer to work with freelancers. In this case, one is given an assignment, as a QA Automation Engineer you are required to give the time estimates you will need to completely do the work. The payment is on the hourly basis or it may depend on the number of cases you will be able to handle.

9. Easy to make a comeback after career gap

Well, if you have been working in testing for some time, it is hard to forget most basics. Life commitments may necessitate you to take a career break may be for kids, marriage or whatever reason; you can easily change things in a short while and get into the interview. While on break, you can follow the latest happenings through Forums, Testing blogs to keep you updated on the current trends.

10. Easy to Shift your Career from Testing to BA

If you have acquired good experience in testing, you will as well find it prudent to upgrade your profile and skills. Business Analyst could be the right bet for QAs to perfect their career shift. You realize BA is a well-paying job compared to the Manual Tester.

Final Thoughts

If you are a fresher in the IT industry, after reading all these points, you will definitely find it interesting to propel your career towards software testing. If you love a job that is innovative and offers you new challenges and opportunities to learn new things, testing if for you. Generally, software testing would actually be the right deal and a real test for your career You're only required to bring in some sense of business requirement and draw test cases following your understanding and experience in software testing/QA.

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