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Challenge: Extraordinary Teachers

Teachers are human beings & don't forget that when your child is e-learning

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What if we don't hold our kids' teachers to unreasonable and ridiculous standards this week and in the weeks to follow?

What if we remember that they are people, FIRST and foremost -- human beings who, just like you and me, are going through a challenging, confusing, and scary time?

What if we remember that they, too, likely struggle with anxiety, expectations -- their's and others' that is placed upon them -- and finding balance?

What if we remember that many of them have families of their own, children and spouses who need them during this unforeseen, crazy time?

What if we remember that since the fall until the present day, they have been loving and teaching our kids as if they were their own?

What if we remember that our job has always been to educate our own kids and help grow their minds?

What if we remember all of this when "distance learning" begins?

What if we remember, from here on out -- both while the kids are learning at home and when they eventually return to their campuses -- that teachers deserve the same respect and admiration as any human does, and that their propensity to push on despite always receiving such, makes them superhuman?

What if we remember all of this next time we see or talk to one?

What if we all thanked a teacher?

What if?

(This is an amazing teacher and my very good friend.)

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