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Challenge: Back to School 2020

A classroom doesn't make a teacher, but heart does

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Dear E-Learning Teachers,

Hi there.

How are you?

I feel like more people should be asking you that and repeatedly checking in with you.

I know you're "good,"

and you're "hanging in there,"

but I want you to know that if you're not good

-- one day or every day --

and if the hanging you're doing is by a single thread,

I'm here for you, as are so many other parents of your students;

to help in any way we can to make that day of yours a bit easier and better

or to give you one of our remaining threads to grasp on to so that you can climb out of that funk you're stuck in.

Sure, we've got our own shiitake show going on here at home with



and responsibility lines blurring between

multiple, varied-aged kids,

family life,


and our job,

but that doesn't mean we get a free pass not to support those who, have always and continue to,



and passionately support our children.

I know we're both in for a heck of a first semester, and perhaps a whole school year, but we're in this together and

hard work,


and grace is the name of the game,

and we, my friend, are on the same team.

I want my child to learn.

I want them to grow.

I want them to expand their mind.

And with you as their teacher, I have no doubt they will.

But it's going to be challenging,

and different,

and it's gonna feel a bit awkward and unnatural.

And you're going to have to push through, as I gently and lovingly push my kiddos to

stay focused,


and willing to meet and hopefully exceed your expectations.

I'm not sure what this school year is going to look like, beyond quite a bit strange and stressful, but I know that we are going to make the best of it.

And, beyond that, we are going to feel and express continuous gratitude to you, and every e-learning teacher, for adapting and refusing to turn your back on the kids who feel like this coronavirus pandemic is a monkey on theirs.

A classroom doesn't make a teacher. Heart does.

And you've got more than enough of that.

Thank you, e-learning teachers,

and when the school year starts,

please remember,

your students' parents are here to help.

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