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Tea Please: My Process of Switching from Coffee to Tea

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As a parent, I am grateful to have my morning cup of coffee. In fact, coffee is ingrained into my daily routine and is one of the first things that I commit to doing each morning. However, as of late, I have decided to get off of coffee and switch to drinking more tea.

Trying our first cup of tea from the Teforia Leaf was a treat. I put the children to bed, and anxiously unpacked the box with the tea infuser, as well as a box of delicious teas. I have been a coffee drinker for many years, and though I know the health benefits of tea, I never had a reason to stop, until now. Too much caffeine has long lasting results, and I was thrilled to be able to have a cup of specially infused tea with the Teforia Leaf. Along with the gift like box that the 15 set of tea options arrived in, the packaging of the tea maker was also amazing. The infuser also comes with a towel and special cleaner.

Teforia blends the ancient tradition of tea with first-of-its-kind technology into a sensory experience for the modern world. Connecting and setting up the device is simple, and includes a followable instruction manual. It was great for the instructions and I anticipated the payoff of being able to taste the finished product. What made it even more special is that my husband and I could share the experience together.

Watching the process was almost as fun as setting up the device and pushing the start button. Reading the directions was necessary for understanding the process and gaining a better understanding of the process. The makers of the infuser promise four things that they deliver on:

  • Affordability: By taking innovative technology and making it simpler, the Teforia Leaf will be available for $399 at launch -- less than half the price of the Classic, and comparable to mid-range coffee machines.
  • Premium tea subscription: The Leaf works exclusively with Teforia’s Perfect Cup tea subscription ‘Sips’ -- convenient, smart, loose-leaf tea containers -- that contain the highest-quality tea on the planet, along with rare, freshly harvested teas never tasted by the public.
  • Customizable caffeine: Several of the Leaf’s premium teas can be brewed with either “standard” or “boosted” caffeine levels with simply the touch of a button.
  • App-free experience: While users still need the app to set up their Leaf, the app is no longer needed to brew every carafe--so crafting the perfect cup of tea, whether a spicy rooibos or a classic Earl Grey, is easier than ever.

After having several servings of tea and experiencing the process, I am compelled to move forward with my transition from coffee. Besides the feeling of a delicious warm and personalized drink, I was most impress by the experience. From start to finish, Teforia created an amazing experience.

Starting today, the Teforia Leaf will be available to purchase for $399 at, Williams-Sonoma, and in select Nordstrom and b8ta stores. For more information on Teforia Classic, Teforia Leaf, or Teforia's Perfect Cup tea subscription, please visit

Teforia Tea

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