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Top 5 Augmented Reality Apps that Parents Can Use Today

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It’s beyond reasonable doubt that times have changed. That’s a simple fact that Parents have to accept and embrace. The education system has not been spared with the many technological changes. With these changes, Parents have to ease the work of their kids and prepare them for the demands of the outside world. This new technology demands the use of tools and apps to create a robust and effective learning experience.

In this article, we are going to focus on an exciting learning experience. The hassle of long and boring lectures has to be replaced with a more engaging and effective method known as Augmented reality.

When Augmented reality is properly applied, kids build that charisma and psyche to learn. Concepts that are ‘boring’ and unattractive are made simple and engaging to the student. The kids experience concepts rather than cram them.

What is Augmented Reality?

In simple terms, Augmented reality is a concept whereby a digital platform is created over the real world. A live feed with more information is projected on your screen. For instance, a device like a phone can be used to point to a stroboscope and instructions and demonstrations on how to operate it appear on the screen. Further information on Augmented Reality, comes in audios, images, videos, sketches, and graphs.

According to UKbestessays’ Jane Tony, all a Parent needs to use AR is a device and an app. AR can basically be used to teach any concept on any subject. It brings out your creativity and imagination in a no holds barred manner.

Top 5 Augmented Reality Apps for Parents to Try

In this article, we will suggest the top 5 apps that we think Parents should try in schools. These apps are simple to use yet very elaborate.

  1. Elements 4D

(Available for IOS and Android)

In this app, wooden blocks are used to represent chemical elements. You download the blocks from the website then the app breathes life to the wooden blocks.

The faces in the wooden blocks present the different elements in the periodic table. To carry out chemical reactions, you bring together the blocks containing the elements you want to react. The faces then show you how the elements selected react.

In the event that selected elements don’t react chemically, the app takes a frozen mode (does nothing).


  • This app comes handy in the sense that chemical reactions are presented in an easy and attractive manner.

  • The student does not have to carry out dangerous and cumbersome chemical reactions.

  • Chemical reactions and symbols are learned easily.

  1. Chromville science

(Available for IOS and Android)

For this app, you download coloring pages from the website. These coloring pages contain information on the different sketches.

As a user, you have to point your device on the coloring pages containing the sketches or drawings. Using Augmented reality, your device will present you with the colored 3D representation of the drawings or sketches scanned.


  • kids can learn about the following fields; the solar system, laboratory work, classroom, living beings, and the human body.

  • kids can plant seeds learn the entire growth process in an exciting and elaborate manner.

  1. Blippar

With this app, as the name suggests, you can use your device to scan a page in a textbook and create blipps. These blipps contain information stacked on top of each other. The blipps are presented in an attractive manner.

With these blipps, textbooks will no longer be viewed as a boring stack of pages but rather as a gateway to a pool of cool exciting knowledge.


  • kids will develop an interest in all kinds of textbooks.

  • The full potential of a student can be brought out.

  • With Blippar you can give kids test and asses them easily within a short time.

  1. Arloon geometry

Geometry has been made easy! With this app, you can view 3D model of any geometric shape. Once you scan an object, the app presents you with the 3D model and also unfolds the model to flat figures.

This app presents the student with a platform to interact with and learn geometry. The app also teaches on calculus and how to apply different math formulae.


It is easier and more fun to learn geometry.

A better understanding of formulae and geometry.

Available in English and Spanish.

  1. Science AR

(Available for IOS and Android)

This app is the master of posters! With this, all the user has to do is scan an image in a poster and the app plays educational videos with detailed knowledge on the scanned image.

For instance, if a user wants to learn about the human circulatory system, he/she just scans an image of the system and the app automatically plays videos with simulations on how blood circulates.

It’s all fun and learning with Augmented reality.

No longer will smartphones and tablets be a distraction in our classes. We as Parents need to use the gadgets to beat the kids in their own game. Letting Augmented reality take over will let kids learn in a fun way. Concentration lapses in class will be a thing of the past since kids will be having as they learn.

Augmented reality will bring a huge improvement in the performance of kids and ease the workload on Parents and kids.

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